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Cleaning method of stainless steel anti-skid plate

Cleaning method of stainless steel anti-skid plate

Commonly used stainless steel anti-skid plate cleaning methods mainly include physical cleaning, electronic cleaning, electrostatic cleaning and chemical cleaning. Let’s take a look at how these cleanup methods work.

1. Physical cleaning method

This method uses hand tools and machinery to apply external force to remove all kinds of dirt on the stainless steel skid plate without changing the cleaning method of dirt parts. In other words, this is a method that does not change the original chemical molecular composition of the dirt. There are mainly mechanical cleaning method, sweeping scraper cleaning method, drill pipe cleaning method and shot blasting method.

2. Electronic cleaning method

The principle of this kind of stainless steel anti-skid plate descaling is to use high-frequency electric field to change the molecular structure of water to prevent scale and descaling. When water passes through a high-frequency electric field, its molecular physical structure changes. The originally connected chain-like macromolecules will be broken down into individual water molecules. The positive and negative ions of salt in the water are surrounded by a single water molecule, and the movement speed is reduced. Reduce the number of effective collisions, reduce electrostatic attraction, and can not construct a structure on the surface of the heated wall tube, so that the stainless steel anti-slip plate can achieve the purpose of anti-fouling. At the same time, due to the increase of the dipole moment of water molecules, the absorption capacity of salt positive and negative ions (scale molecules) is increased, so that the scale on the heating surface or the stainless steel anti-skid plate becomes soft and easy to fall off, achieving the effect of descaling.

3. Static anti-scaling method

The descaling principle of this stainless steel anti-slip plate is the same as the principle of electronic descaling. The purpose of anti-scaling and descaling is achieved by changing the state of water molecules, and the latter uses the action of an electrostatic field to replace electrons. The specific mechanism is to use the polarity of water molecules (also called dipoles). When the water dipoles pass through the electrostatic field, each water dipole will be arranged in positive and negative order.

If the water in which the stainless steel skid plate is immersed contains dissolved salts, the positive and negative ions will be surrounded by the water dipole, and they will also be arranged in the water dipole group in positive and negative order. They cannot move on their own, so they cannot approach the pipe (equipment) wall. Then, it deposits on the wall of the pipe (equipment) to form scale. At the same time, the oxygen released into the water will produce a very thin oxide layer on the pipe wall, which can prevent the stainless steel anti-skid plate from being corroded.