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Discuss the application prospects of laser cutting technology in the PCB market

Discuss the application prospects of laser cutting technology in the PCB market

With the overall transformation and upgrading of the domestic manufacturing industry, in the PCB circuit board segmentation market, people have also put forward higher requirements for the quality of PCB products. Traditional PCB splitting equipment is mainly processed by cutting tools, milling cutters, and gongs. There are more or less shortcomings such as dust, burrs, stress, etc., which have a greater impact on small or loaded PCB circuit boards. In terms of new applications, it seems a bit difficult.

The application of laser technology in PCB cutting provides a new solution for PCB sub-board processing. The advantages of laser cutting PCB are the advantages of small cutting gap, high precision, and small heat affected area. Compared with traditional PCB cutting processes, laser cutting PCB is completely dust-free, stress-free, and burr-free, and the cutting edges are smooth and tidy. However, the current laser cutting PCB equipment is not yet fully mature, and laser cutting PCB still has obvious shortcomings.

The major disadvantage of the current laser cutting PCB equipment is that the cutting speed is low. The thicker the cutting material, the lower the cutting speed, and the processing speed of different materials also has certain differences. Compared with traditional processing methods, it cannot meet the requirements of large-scale mass production. need. At the same time, the hardware cost of the laser equipment itself is high. A laser cutting PCB equipment is about 2-3 times the price of traditional milling cutter equipment. The higher the power, the more expensive the price. Only three laser cutting PCB equipment can achieve one milling cutter. The speed of cutting PCB equipment will greatly increase the processing cost and labor cost. In addition, when the laser cuts thicker materials, such as PCBs above 1mm, the cross-section will be affected by carbonization. This is also the reason why many PCB processing manufacturers cannot accept laser cutting of PCBs.

All in all, the current laser cutting PCB equipment on the market has the disadvantages of high cost and low speed. As a result, the market is immature and only used by relatively demanding manufacturers such as mobile phone PCBs, automotive PCBs, and medical PCBs. However, with the continuous advancement of laser technology, the improvement of laser power, the improvement of beam quality, and the upgrading of cutting technology, the stability of future equipment will gradually improve, and equipment costs will become lower and lower. The application of laser cutting in the PCB market in the future is worthwhile expect. Will be another growth point in the laser industry.

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