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How to choose a laser cutting machine according to the needs of the enterprise?

How to choose a laser cutting machine according to the needs of the enterprise?

After years of development, laser cutting machines have more and more derived types, and their functions and performance have been continuously strengthened and upgraded, and they have become more humane. The types of laser cutting machines we are familiar with are CO2 laser cutting machines, YAG laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines and disc laser cutting machines. For these laser cutting equipment, which ones are better?

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Because of the special nature of CO2 lasers, it can process metal and non-metal materials, mainly for large and medium-sized companies and some laser cutting companies that are purely external processing. However, the purchase cost is relatively high, and the high power consumption and frequent replacement of consumables lead to relatively high processing costs. In addition, post-maintenance is also very difficult.

YAG Laser Cutting Machine

YAG laser cutting machine is a relatively affordable metal cutting machine, mainly for self-use small and medium-sized enterprises and most users in the sheet metal manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, kitchenware manufacturing, decoration, advertising and other industries that are not particularly demanding. It is gradually replaced Wire cutting, CNC punching, water cutting, low-power plasma and other traditional processing equipment. It can cut aluminum plates, copper plates and most non-ferrous metal materials that other laser cutting machines can’t cut. The machine purchase price is cheap, and the use cost is low.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is a mainstream laser metal cutting machine. It not only saves processing materials, processing power, processing consumables, etc., but also saves processing time. It is also a very environmentally friendly high-precision metal cutting machine, mainly for some high-precision Manufacturers with extremely high processing and efficiency requirements. Moreover, the photoelectric conversion rate is high, the power consumption is low, maintenance-free, and each does not use any consumables. Especially for thin plate cutting, it has ultra-fast processing speed, small slits and good spot quality, which can be used for fine cutting.

Nowadays, the manufacturing industry is in a stage of rapid development, and choosing a suitable processing equipment is one of the factors that promote its development. Compared with traditional machine tool cutting and other thermal processing, laser processing has multiple technical advantages, and it is in line with the high-end processing market’s requirements for high precision, low wear, and high efficiency. As a leader in metal cutting, laser cutting machines perform very well in the field of metal Machining.

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