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How to choose stainless steel skid plate

How to choose stainless steel skid plate

As we all know, the main function of stainless steel anti-skid plate is anti-skid. The places used are mostly subway stations, automobiles, elevators, workshops, shipbuilding and other occupations. So what should these professionals pay attention to when choosing stainless steel anti-skid plates? The stainless steel skid plate has low thermal conductivity and large thermal expansion, so it uses water-soluble lubricating oil with excellent cooling performance. In order to avoid surface damage during external pressure treatment, avoid surface defects and lubricate the stainless steel slide plate, the surface of the steel plate is usually coated with vinyl or lubricated steel plate. What needs attention is the deformation of the stainless steel anti-skid plate during the stamping process.

The stainless steel anti-skid plate has a large friction coefficient, which can effectively prevent people from slipping and falling, thereby protecting people from falling injuries. It is suitable for industrial industries such as sewage treatment, tap water, outdoor power plants and so on. Stair steps are also used for mechanical anti-skid and indoor anti-skid. Stainless steel anti-skid plate has the characteristics of anti-skid, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, etc., durable and beautiful in appearance. The punching has raised herringbone, raised cross, round, crocodile mouth and teardrops. They are all punched with CNC. So do you know how to choose a good quality stainless steel skid plate? Let’s take a look below.

1. Pay attention to the choice of materials for making anti-skid plates. Because some products are made of plastic and rubber, many low-priced stainless steel anti-skid plates are actually of poor quality and have an unpleasant smell. The strange smell is not safe. If children are allowed to crawl on it, it may cause safety problems.

2. Secondly, we can observe how the anti-skid line on the stainless steel anti-skid plate is designed. At present, there are many kinds of anti-slip patterns, such as dotted lines, straight lines or other lines, etc. The strength of anti-slip performance can be selected according to your needs.

3. When choosing a stainless steel anti-skid board, pay attention to the size of the whole board, because the assembly of the anti-skid board is the same specification. The advantage of the large board is that there are fewer seams and it is more convenient and quick to assemble. The advantage of stainless steel anti-skid plate is that it can deal with various complex ground types.

4. Use stainless steel anti-skid plates. Also pay attention to its stain resistance and cleaning issues. Some stainless steel anti-skid plates are purely “disposable” products, which are very easy to get dirty and basically cannot be cleaned. Optional stainless steel anti-skid plate that can be cleaned multiple times.