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Key points of special-shaped bending of stainless steel industrial plate

Key points of special-shaped bending of stainless steel industrial plate

Regarding the special-shaped stainless steel industrial plate, I believe that not everyone is unfamiliar, because it can be seen everywhere in our lives. The appearance of the special-shaped bending processing parts of stainless steel industrial plate is beautiful. After plane, cutting and bending, the stainless steel industrial plate is processed into door cover and stainless steel. Product screen engineering decoration brings a lot of convenience to our lives. Stainless steel special-shaped bending processing not only has the remanufacturing value of anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, environmental protection and remanufacturing. So, what are the main advantages of special-shaped bending of stainless steel industrial plates?

1. The special shape of the stainless steel industrial plate will not fade. The color of stainless steel colored products is the physical reaction of the finished product in a high vacuum environment. The color of high-temperature ionized inert gas is deposited on the surface of the product. Adhesion is 100 times that of ordinary paint. It is scratch-resistant and does not fade in indoor environments.

2. Will not change the original surface glossiness of the stainless steel industrial plate. Although the ordinary paint process has a variety of colors, it will cover the texture or gloss of the original stainless steel surface, but the electroplating color will not only not, even the gloss of the electroplated product will be more obvious and transparent.

3. Stainless steel industrial plates will not rust or oxidize. Even if the painting time is too long, ordinary iron products will rust. Ordinary aluminum and copper products will be oxidized for a long time, aluminum will produce a little black spot, and copper will produce patina. Stainless steel does not. The surface of the stainless steel industrial plate has a colorless and transparent protective layer of chromium oxide, which is like a cling film invisible to the naked eye. It can prevent water vapor and oxygen in the air from corroding the surface of stainless steel, so it will not rust and oxidize, and the protective effect of stainless steel after coating is better.

4. The stainless steel industrial board is fireproof and anticorrosive. Generally, wood products have a low ignition point, are easy to catch fire, and pose safety hazards. Therefore, it is recommended to use as little wood as possible for decoration. In addition, ordinary wood products will rot when exposed to water. Stainless steel is rolled from a blast furnace. Therefore, it has fire resistance, and the stainless steel industrial plate has good rust resistance, which can ensure anti-corrosion performance.