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Precautions for laser cutting stainless steel industrial plates

Precautions for laser cutting stainless steel industrial plates

In the process of laser cutting stainless steel industrial plates, there are many processing considerations. Below, I will briefly explain the issues that need to be paid attention to when laser cutting industrial stainless steel plates.

Precautions for laser cutting stainless steel industrial plate processing:

1. The chaotic and noisy environment at the laser cutting operation site should be avoided. The sound of large machinery and metal cutting fills the entire space. This more or less affects human ears, so operators are required to protect themselves.

2. The laser in the laser cutting space will damage the eyes and skin. Operators should strictly abide by the regulations when entering the studio, wear protective glasses and protective clothing.

3. In addition, in the process of laser cutting stainless steel industrial plates, avoid contact with live parts and keep a certain distance from the machine. In case of an accident, please seek medical attention in time and do not handle it yourself to avoid deterioration of the wound.

4. Some materials need to be handled carefully. If you don’t know whether it can be produced with a laser cutting machine, please do not process it to avoid toxic fumes and potential hazards.

5. When the equipment is working, the operator shall not leave the work post or be taken care of by others without authorization, and shall cut off or turn off the power supply.

6. Fire-fighting facilities should be placed in an easily accessible place, and the laser or blinds should be closed after processing.

7. Do not place flammable materials, such as paper and cloth, around the machine room to prevent fire.

8. The operator is required to have the ability to handle emergency situations. If an abnormal situation is found during the laser cutting of the stainless steel industrial plate, the machine should be shut down immediately for troubleshooting or timely report maintenance.

9. Before and after using the laser to cut stainless steel industrial plates, the equipment should be checked to ensure the environment around the machine and its own safety regulations to facilitate the work of the machine.

The above are the operation items of the laser cutting operation part in the process of stainless steel industrial plate processing, for reference only. For the safety of the operator, it is recommended that the laser cutting operator should receive formal training. In daily work, strictly abide by the rules and regulations and do a good job in self-protection.