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Seven irreplaceable advantages of laser cutting technology in automobile manufacturing

Seven irreplaceable advantages of laser cutting technology in automobile manufacturing

In order to meet the needs of export and domestic upgrading in the automobile manufacturing industry, the production of small batches and multiple varieties of vehicles is the norm. The original processing technology of general automobile body parts can no longer fully meet today’s product quality and production needs. Among them, laser cutting The machine has the characteristics of processing high-precision, porous and complex shape features, and has an irreplaceable role.

Now truck manufacturers have been equipped with CNC precision plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, etc., which are used for the processing of sheet metal parts with complex shapes and high precision requirements in automobiles.

The main advantages of laser cutting technology in automobile manufacturing The laser cutting machine has been widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry and plays an irreplaceable role with other CNC cutting equipment. Its main advantages are as follows:

1. Applicable to a variety of material accessories

Automobile materials include low-carbon low-alloy steel, high-strength steel, atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel, ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel and aluminum alloy, etc. Laser cutting equipment can be processed, and its processing range can cover almost all materials in the car. Pieces.

2. High processing accuracy

Laser cutting equipment has higher processing accuracy than other cutting equipment and can meet the processing requirements of high-precision accessories.

3. Narrow slit width

The small slit is beneficial to reduce the spacing of the accessories, improve the material utilization rate, and produce less cutting slag during cutting.

4. High material utilization

When cutting parts, you can cut different parts of the same thickness and material, and make full use of the leftover material of the raw materials.

5. Low cutting roughness value

Laser cutting equipment, when cutting parts of the same material, the cutting roughness value is lower than other equipment. In the automobile manufacturing industry, there are obvious differences in the surface roughness of workpieces processed by different CNC cutting equipment, and the laser cutting surface roughness value is low.

6. Small heat affected zone

During the laser cutting process, the edge of the cut material will generate a heat-affected zone due to heat. However, laser cutting has lower energy concentration and heat input than other processing methods. Compared with fine plasma cutting and flame cutting, the heat-affected zone is relatively small, and the heat input is small. The hard tendency of high-strength steel is of great significance and helps to improve the quality of the weld.

7. Low cost of laser cutting for small batch production

In mass production, the process of mold blanking is selected for processing, mass production, and the cost of making molds is evenly distributed to each accessory, and the production cost is lower. However, if it is small batch production and the processing technology of die punching is adopted, not only the production cycle of the mold is longer, and the timeliness of parts processing cannot be satisfied, but the mold production cost is evenly distributed to each part, and the processing cost is relatively high.

Therefore, CNC cutting is generally used for processing. When using CNC fine plasma cutting, due to the weaker piercing ability of plasma cutting, lower cutting accuracy, and poor hole forming quality, an additional drilling process is needed and a drill die needs to be made. Not only the processing time is longer, but the cost is also relatively high. Laser cutting can ensure that parts are formed at one time, which is beneficial to improve the timeliness of parts processing, and is suitable for small batch production. How to choose a cutting process requires comprehensive consideration based on the size, shape, cost and accuracy of the accessories. When the size of the accessories is small, and the shape and size of the hole and the positioning size are relatively high, the laser cutting method is more economical.

With the changes in the automobile manufacturing industry and the integration of the global economy, various automobile manufacturers have shifted from a single, large-volume national railway vehicle production to a small-volume, multi-variety export vehicle. This form of transformation has also brought revolutionary changes to the manufacturing of auto parts. The frequency of use of sheet metal processing equipment such as original shears and punching machines is getting lower and lower. The use of CNC fine plasma cutting machines and CNC flame cutting CNC flexible equipment such as laser cutting machine and laser cutting machine. Among them, laser cutting equipment has the advantage of processing high-precision, small-sized, complex-shaped accessories, and can process a variety of materials, which has an irreplaceable role.

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