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The components, working principle and maintenance of laser cutting machine

The components, working principle and maintenance of laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine has been developed for half a century. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, laser cutting technology has also been greatly improved, and the application fields are becoming more and more extensive, and high efficiency and intelligence have also become the interpretation of laser Synonymous with the cutting machine industry.

As the saying goes; every other line is like a mountain. Many people who have not been in contact with the laser equipment industry are very unfamiliar with the knowledge of laser cutting machines, such as like; which parts and principles of the laser cutting machine are not well understood. Therefore, let us Let me introduce it to everyone.

The laser cutting machine is mainly composed of two parts, one is the CNC console, and the other is the machine tool.

We can input the drawings that need to be processed through the numerical control console, and after the calculation, the instructions will be transmitted to the processing machine tool, and the processing machine tool will process the desired sheet metal pattern according to the instruction. The core part of the machine tool is mainly the laser generator, which is the core of the whole equipment.

why would you said this? Because it is a secret device for cutting metal. It can convert electrical energy into light energy and release a super strong laser beam, and the laser beam has a lot of energy. By irradiating the surface of the sheet metal, the irradiated surface quickly reaches a high temperature, and the irradiated surface of the workpiece is melted. And evaporate, and realize the purpose of cutting and engraving through the displacement of the cutting head. Although the laser cutting machine has strong processing performance, long-term use will cause the performance of the laser cutting machine to attenuate and the processing efficiency will be reduced. So, how to solve this problem?

Here are three suggestions for everyone:

First of all, the maintenance of the laser cutting machine will affect the processing performance. The processing time of the laser cutting machine is long, and many parts will be worn out, so it will inevitably affect the performance of the processing equipment. However, the laser cutting machine has many more precise core components, especially the optical components must be wiped clean after use. Maintain the smoothness of the optical components, so as not to affect the next use.

In addition, the bearings in all parts of the equipment should be regularly oiled to maintain the flexibility of the drive and the accuracy of the machining.

Secondly, avoid the influence of strong vibration equipment. During the processing, avoid the influence of external vibration equipment. Obvious ground shaking will have a great impact on the processing accuracy of precision machinery and equipment.

Finally, the maintenance of the lens. After the machine has been working for a period of time, the lens will stick a layer of dust on the surface due to the working environment, which will reduce the reflectivity of the reflective lens and the transmittance of the lens, and ultimately affect the working power of the laser. The maintenance method is to use absorbent cotton dipped in ethanol to gently wipe the surface of the lens in a clockwise direction to wipe off the dust.

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