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The Hazards And Four Major Reasons Caused By Abnormal Reset Of The Laser Cutting Machine

The Hazards And Four Major Reasons Caused By Abnormal Reset Of The Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine is a commonly used processing equipment in modern times. During processing, there will always be some headaches. When we encounter these situations, how should we deal with it? The following is a simple analysis of the reasons for the abnormal reset of the laser cutting machine

Since the laser cutting machine has been used, there have been many precautions. The laser cutting machine is not only the technology used in the process of use, but also requires us to have a certain understanding. The laser cutting machine often has problems with engraving and initialization, which needs to be done here. The correction of the following data can solve the problem.

Missing engraving of the laser cutting machine, incorrect initialization, data has been sent (corrected); the order of operation is reversed (re-enter); electrostatic interference (check whether the ground wire is off); the cleaning hook is misplaced and not closed, check whether the software parameter settings are correct ( Reset); the computer system is wrong (reinstall the operating system and software); check whether the left and right belts are the same or whether the rear belt is too loose (the belt is tightened); check whether the belt or the synchronous wheel is slippery or skipped (tighten the synchronous wheel or Belt); Check whether the beam is parallel (re-adjust the left and right belts).

The reasons for the abnormal reset of the laser cutting machine include the following aspects:

  • 1. The X-axis and Y-axis of the laser cutting machine move in opposite directions and hit the side end. For this phenomenon, check whether the main board parameters are wrong, and stop the machine to check whether there is any problem with the main board parameter settings.
  • 2. The control panel of the laser cutting machine is displayed normally, and the X-axis and Y-axis do not move. You can try to unplug the sensor terminal of the motherboard to see if the machine is moving. In this case, consider replacing the sensor.
  • 3. The beam is reset normally, and the X axis of the laser cutting machine does not move. The motor wire or the motor shaft may be broken. For this phenomenon, the motor wire or small motor should be replaced.
  • 4. The direction is correct when resetting, but the X-axis or Y-axis cannot stop when it reaches the top (check the motherboard parameters first). If it is correct, check the motherboard or sensor for this phenomenon, and replace it.

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