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The Parameters And Advantages Of Laser Cutting

The Parameters And Advantages Of Laser Cutting

Parameters of laser cutting

1. Beam transverse mode

The beam transverse modes can be divided into three types: fundamental mode (Gaussian mode), low-order mode, and multimode. In the case of a certain laser power, the fundamental mode is the most ideal cutting mode, and single mode is better than multimode.

2. Laser power

The laser power is closely related to the physical properties, thickness and cutting mechanism of the material being cut. The higher the melting point, thermal conductivity, and electrical conductivity of the material, the greater the thickness, and the greater the laser power required. The gasification cutting of the same material requires the most power, followed by melting cutting, and oxygen cutting the least.

3. Polarization direction

The light is a transverse wave whose polarization direction is perpendicular to the propagation direction. If the polarization direction is parallel to the slit line, the effect of absorbing light energy is the best, and the slit is narrow and parallel; if the two are at a certain angle, the absorbed light energy is reduced and the cutting speed is reduced. The cut is rough, wide and not straight; if the two are perpendicular, the effect is worse.

4. Cutting speed

In the case of certain other parameters, the cutting speed obviously depends on the thickness of the plate and the width of the cut.

5. Auxiliary gas and its flow

During laser oxygen cutting, the auxiliary gas can react exothermicly with the metal to be cut to provide part of the energy, and can blow off the slag and protect the focusing lens; during laser melting cutting and gasification cutting, the auxiliary gas is used to blow off the melting And evaporate materials, cool the cutting area, and suppress the negative effects of plasma clouds.

Therefore, when cutting oxidizable metals, oxygen is often used as an auxiliary gas; when cutting metals and non-metals that are not easy to oxidize, nitrogen is often used as an auxiliary gas to achieve the two functions of blowing and cooling. The flow rate is related to the gas pressure, and there is an optimal oxygen pressure corresponding to the maximum cutting speed when other parameters remain unchanged. Oxygen purity also has a significant impact on the cutting speed, reducing the oxygen purity (volume fraction) by 2% can reduce the cutting speed by 50%.

6. Focal length and defocus

The size of the focal length will directly affect the beam spot diameter and the power density at the focal point, and the amount of defocus will affect the width of the incision and the depth of the cut. If the focal length is short, the beam spot diameter is small, the power density is high, and the cutting speed is fast, but the focal depth is also small. Therefore, a short focal length should be used for thin plates, and a long focal length should be used for thick plates if the power density is sufficient.

What are the advantages of laser cutting

1. Speed

Compared with the traditional manual method, the cutting capacity of the laser cutting machine is hundreds of times faster. These laser cutting machines can cut in different meters per second, which means that people who buy laser cutting tubes can get the parts within a few days, thereby reducing investment.

2. Repeatability

It often happens that when cutting pipes, there are still differences in parts because the operators use different techniques each time. The precision laser cutting machine will only apply the settings that have been programmed on the machine, thereby minimizing dimensional deviations between parts.

In today’s manufacturing environment, repeatability is critical. Because the improvement of lean production technology means that each part must be consistent with each other. Otherwise, the main impact of poor assembly may lead to production delays, resulting in loss of profits.

3. Versatility

The plasticity of the laser tube provides more opportunities for part designers in the field of architecture and construction. The most complex designs can be easily cut into tubes that are impossible with traditional laser cutting machines.

4. Mass production

The advanced fiber laser cutting machine can load a six-meter tube in a single device, which is very difficult for a traditional factory. This facilitates mass production because it reduces the time to process the tubes.

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