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Three important factors to achieve high-quality laser cutting technology

Three important factors to achieve high-quality laser cutting technology

In order to make the cutting effect as good as possible, the laser cutting machine needs regular maintenance and cleaning. However, many companies forget the importance of regular maintenance. One of the experts in the field of laser metal cutting, Wonder put forward some questions that need to be asked before cutting to ensure satisfactory cutting quality.

Wonder has extensive experience in laser cutting projects, and he pointed out three possible mistakes that laser cutting machine operators may make. Before each laser cutting project starts, the three most important questions must be asked to ensure that the quality of the implemented project reaches the best level.

First, is the lens of the laser cutting machine cleaned in a prescribed way?

The cutting lens is one of the most important accessories that affect the cutting quality. Since the lens will be contaminated during the cutting process, thereby reducing the cutting quality, the operator must clean the lens within a certain period of time. During the cleaning process, special attention should be paid to the way the lens is cleaned. If it is not cleaned properly, the cut lens may be damaged or incompletely cleaned, leaving a thin layer of dirt on it.

Donner pointed out that operators often do not know how to use cleaning agents. Use an appropriate amount of cleaning agent to polish the lens. Through regular maintenance and cleaning, the service life of the laser lens can be extended to 8 months, thereby greatly improving the cutting quality.

Second, is the laser beam centered?

After a period of cutting process, the operator must aim the laser beam at the tape for about 1 second to check the center of the laser beam to ensure that the hole formed in the tape is centered. Due to the small size of the hole, it is recommended that the operator use a magnifying glass. In addition to improving the cutting accuracy, the good positioning of the nozzle can also increase the cutting speed by up to 40%.

Third, is the lens of the laser cutting machine focused?

In addition to regular maintenance of the cutting optics, the laser lens must also be focused regularly. Modern laser cutting machines have an auto-focusing system without any operator intervention. However, in the old laser cutting machine, the operator must be the person who completes the focusing process. The above-mentioned problems are only some of the basic requirements for improving laser quality. The key to improving quality and extending the life of a laser cutting machine is regular maintenance. In addition to increasing speed, regular maintenance also improves the quality of laser cutting at the same cost.

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