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What are the advantages of FPC flat cutting compared with die and laser cutting

What are the advantages of FPC flat cutting compared with die and laser cutting

FC4500-50PRO Flatbed Cutting Machine

Its advantages of high precision, low cost, and good cutting effect have been fully matured and applied to FPC, membrane switch, backlight industry, whether it is precision half-cutting the pad window on the PI cover film, and the soft circuit is cut through and precise. It can be finished with high speed and high quality for both the board shape and the half-cut special-shaped back adhesive thermosetting adhesive film. The compact tabletop of this machine makes the equipment more concise and exquisite, and the floor space is small, making it easy to choose the installation space. It is the best tool to replace knife proofing and laser cutting. It is cut with a knife. Compared with the usual proofing method, it has the following advantages:

Compared with the knife mold and metal stamping:

  • 1. Save your expensive mold opening fee when you sample;
  • 2. You can save your expensive sharpening fee;
  • 3. It is convenient to re-sample, just change your AutoCAD drawing file That is, the efficiency is high.

Compared with laser

  • 1. After cutting, the cutting area of ​​the material will not be black;
  • 2. When the material is relatively thin, it will not burn;
  • 3. There is no glare during work, and it will not harm the body of the worker, which is quite safe;
  • 4. The price is superior to that of laser.
  • 5. It can cut thin copper foil, conductive cloth, foam and other materials that are difficult to be processed by laser. It has better quality and higher efficiency than drilling, and it can process right angles and corners.

Main application areas

  • 1. Electronic industry: protective film, adhesive, pure glue, FPC covering film, electrostatic paper, PET, PVC, conductive cloth, etc.;
  • 2. Footwear/clothing/carton drawing and proofing;
  • 3. Drawing and proofing of sandblasting rubber and sandblasting templates in mold factories and stone industry.

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