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What are the applications of laser cutting equipment in the PCB industry

What are the applications of laser cutting equipment in the PCB industry

PCB, also known as circuit board, is an important component carrier and circuit connection carrier in the 3C industry. With the development of intelligence in the electronics industry, the number of layers of PCBs is increasing. There are more and more components, and correspondingly, there are higher requirements for processing precision. How to meet such a change in demand, laser processing equipment provides an effective solution.

The main applications of laser cutting equipment in the PCB industry are in PCB laser cutting, board splitting, drilling, HDI board drilling, FPC profile cutting, drilling, FPC cover film cutting and other applications.

PCB laser cutting, splitting, drilling

PCB cutting and splitting equipment used mechanical splitting and manual splitting in the early days. The disadvantages are long mold opening cycle, slow efficiency, and low precision. Especially when splitting on a circuit board with components welded, its vibration affects the components. There is a certain amount of damage in itself, and the laser processing method is directly formed, fast, non-contact processing without burrs, and high precision, especially on the PCB board with components welded on it will not cause damage to the components.

The laser equipment currently used for PCB cutting and board splitting is mainly divided into three types: ultraviolet, green PCB laser cutting and CO2PCB laser cutting.

Tuopu Silver Optoelectronics UV Laser Cutting Machine is mainly for cutting PCB boards below 0.8mm, and the processing efficiency is relatively slow if it exceeds 0.6mm, mainly for thin board cutting. However, the accuracy of UV laser cutting is higher and the thermal effect is smaller.

PCB thin plate laser cutting sample

The 35W green laser cutting machine of Top Yin Optoelectronics is mainly used for cutting thicker PCB boards. At present, the processing thickness of the 35W green laser cutting machine with average power can reach 2mm, and the processing speed can reach 3mm/s. Compared with ultraviolet laser cutting As far as the machine is concerned, the processing thickness is higher and the processing efficiency is higher, but the processing accuracy is not as good as the ultraviolet laser cutting machine.

PCB thick plate laser cutting sample

CO2 laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine is a relatively mature equipment with higher power, mainly for PCB thick board cutting, the disadvantage is that the cutting gap is wide, usually above 100μm, the greater the power, the greater the thermal impact , There is a certain degree of blackening on the cutting edge.

HDI board drilling

At present, this market is almost monopolized by foreign importers, mainly including ESI in the United States, LPKT in Germany, EO in South Korea, Mitsubishi in Japan, etc. There are also some top domestic companies doing this, but the market has not yet formed a market scale.

FPC laser cutting sample

The market is already a mature model, mainly using ultraviolet laser cutting machine, which can realize cutting and drilling of FPC materials, and can realize roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet cutting for FPC covering film products. Of course, there are also equipment processed by CO2 laser cutting machines on the market, and the price is cheaper, but the disadvantages are also obvious, the accuracy is not high enough, and the blackening of the cutting edge is more serious than that of ultraviolet laser cutting. I have encountered such a customer. The technology told the purchaser to look for the machine, and the purchaser thought that the equipment was blackened and the price was lower than that of the UV machine, which formed a misunderstanding. In fact, the blackening phenomenon of the cutting edge of the UV laser cutting machine is very low. The impact on the equipment is small and completely negligible, but the price is more expensive than the CO2 laser cutting machine.

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