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What is a stainless steel anti-skid plate

What is a stainless steel anti-skid plate

As we all know, the main function of stainless steel anti-skid plate is anti-skid. The places used are mostly subway stations, automobiles, elevators, workshops, shipbuilding and other occupations. So what should these professions pay attention to when choosing stainless steel skid plates? The stainless steel skid plate has low thermal conductivity and large thermal expansion, so it uses water-soluble lubricating oil with excellent cooling performance. In order to avoid surface damage during external pressure treatment, avoid surface defects and lubricate the stainless steel anti-skid plate, the surface of the steel plate is usually coated with vinyl or lubricated steel. What needs attention is the deformation of the stainless steel anti-skid plate during the stamping process. The printing plate needs to be leveled first, and then leveled a second time after the hot stamping is completed.

Before making a specific choice, we must first understand where the stainless steel anti-skid plate will be used, so that we can confirm what kind of information is needed. Different materials have different requirements for rust prevention, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. If there are anti-skid plates in the chemical plant workshop, you need to use stainless steel anti-skid plates with good performance and good rust resistance.

The purpose of stainless steel anti-skid plate: suitable for sewage treatment, tap water, outdoor power plants and other industrial industries. Anti-skid plates are also used for mechanical anti-skid and indoor anti-skid, docks, workshops, vehicle bottoms, cement floors, hotel entrances, etc. Oilfield drilling channel folding structure oilfield drilling channel anti-skid plates are classified as rubber-metal hybrid anti-skid plates.

Compared with the traditional single metal anti-skid plate, the stainless steel anti-skid plate is more suitable for the working surface of the oil field drilling channel. The principle of operation is to die-cast steel nails with a diameter of 4mm in rubber. The thickness of the rubber sheet is 30mm, and the steel nails expose the surface of the board by 5mm. The distance between the nails is more reasonable. When the operator steps on it, there are always 30 steel nails protruding. The soles of the feet feel comfortable, and the stainless steel anti-skid plate can also play a non-slip effect. There is a 2mm boss on the bottom of the rubber plate, which plays a double-sided anti-slip effect. The mud scattered on the drill floor can flow away through the cracks to make the floor of the drill floor tidy. The stainless steel anti-skid plate enhances the safety of the playground workers, improves the anti-skid ability, and is convenient to lay and disassemble.