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Laser Cutting Steel Board Crafts

We can use laser to cut steel plate. Therefore, the details of laser cutting of stainless steel plates are also one of the main keywords of the website. On the basis of previous common sense, which aspects need to be further broadened and deepened? This question is also our confusion, so we will give a detailed answer below so that we can eliminate doubts and deepen our understanding of stainless steel plate laser cutting products.

Does steel structure cutting include steel plate cutting? The steel structure cutting process includes steel plate cutting. Therefore, the answer to this question is yes. The optional cutting methods are: one is gas cutting, which is to melt steel through the high temperature generated by the combustion of oxygen and fuel, and then achieve the purpose of cutting.

However, if the melting point of the data is higher than the flame temperature, or some data is difficult to oxidize, gas cutting is not suitable because it will affect the cutting quality. Plasma cutting, this cutting method, is mainly used for cutting metals such as aluminum, copper, alloys, and stainless steel. Its main advantages are high cutting temperature, good cutting quality and small cutting deformation.

Steel plate processing, steel plate cutting processing and steel plate zero-cutting processing. Among the detailed steel plate cutting processing varieties, there are semi-automatic flame cutting, automatic CNC cutting, water cutting and laser cutting. Within the range of detailed cutting, it is a steel plate with a thickness of 20 to 650 mm.


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