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Mission Staement

Business philosophy: Yinuoqianjin, win-win and mutual benefit, eternal quality

The company named the last word of “Yinuoqianjin, Win-Win and Mutual Benefit, Quality Eternal” as the name of the company, which has already embodied the company’s business philosophy. Inuoqianjin is the promise of business operation, mutual benefit is the purpose of business management, and quality is eternal. The purpose of business.
Core values: integrity, responsibility, collaboration, innovation, gratitude

Integrity: the quality of the core values, honesty is the foundation of one’s life, faith is the foundation of the business, the company regards “integrity” as the business card of the company, the soul of business, and will be the inexhaustible driving force of the company. We do it to our customers. To “treat each other with sincerity and keep promises”, we must “do what we say and do what we do” for management.

Responsibility: It is the mission of core values. Choosing responsibility means choosing responsibility. The industry responsibility is “the leader of decorative stainless steel”, the customer responsibility is “zero defect in quality, and the service is zero distance”, and the employee responsibility is “realizing employees’ dreams and creating common wealth”.

Collaboration: It is the foundation of core values. Heroes do not appear in individual form, but in collective form. The team is the basis and guarantee for achieving all goals. The core of the team is collaboration and cooperation. The highest state is the centripetal force and cohesion of all members. , A clear willingness to collaborate and a way of collaboration generate real inner motivation.

Innovation: It is the essence of core values, with strategic innovation as the direction, management innovation as the foundation, market innovation as the goal, and technological innovation as the means. Innovation is to meet market demand, and continuous innovation is to meet market development and is the source of enterprise development.

Gratitude: It is the core values ​​of feelings. The company advocates “sunshine mentality, repaying gratitude” to be grateful to customers, they are our God; grateful to the company, providing a platform and space for development; grateful to employees, they have made Jinliheng today. Gratitude makes the world wonderful, and gratitude makes life beautiful.

Service concept: customer satisfaction, quality assurance

The quality of products and services is the main factor that determines the quality of the enterprise, the development of the enterprise, the economic strength and the competitive advantage of the enterprise. It is the life of the enterprise. The pursuit of quality first is the last word. Ultimately, achieving customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our service.

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