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Oval Tube Laser Cutting

Analysis of key technologies and difficulties in laser cutting pipe processing

Traditional processing technology mainly relies on saw blade cutting, which has problems such as low efficiency, burrs, and high cost. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of my country’s metal pipe production and consumption, pipe laser cutting technology is rapidly popularized in my country. Advanced laser processing system solutions have been widely used in pipe production and processing, especially in the processing of stainless steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel, nickel-titanium alloy, inconel, titanium alloy and other metal pipe processing applications.

Laser cutting pipe processing can perform laser drilling, grooving and contour cutting on the surface of the pipe. Compared with traditional processing methods, the advantages of laser cutting pipes are: high precision, fast speed, flexibility, and batch processing.

The key technology of laser cutting pipe

1) Guide the light to focus

Its function is to guide the output beam of the laser generator to the cutting head that focuses the light path. In order to obtain a high-quality slit, the focused spot diameter of the focused beam is small and the power is high, which makes the low-order mode output of the laser generator.

In order to obtain a smaller beam focus diameter, the smaller the lateral mode order of the laser, the better the fundamental mode. If the cutting head of the laser cutting equipment is equipped with a focusing lens, the laser beam can be focused through the lens to obtain a smaller focused spot, which can be used for high-quality pipe cutting.

02) Cutting head trajectory control

The processing tube is a spatial surface with a complex shape. If you use traditional methods to program and process, there will be certain difficulties. This requires the operator to select the correct processing path and appropriate reference point according to the processing process requirements, and use the CNC system to record each The feed condition of each axis and the value of the reference point coordinate, and then realize the spatial straight line and arc interpolation function through the laser cutting system, record the coordinate value of the processing process, and generate the processing program. Therefore, the research on the automatic vertical function of laser beam and pipe cutting is also one of the important technical contents of pipe laser cutting.

03) Automatic control of laser cutting focus position

In order to ensure the cutting quality of the laser cutting tube, the vertical direction of the focus relative to the surface of the workpiece can be kept constant through the automatic measurement and control device, which is the key to the laser cutting tube. At present, by controlling the laser focus position and the integrated linear axis (xyz) of the laser processing system, the movement of the laser cutting head is more light and flexible, and the focus position can be called a person’s palm to avoid cutting the head and cutting the tube. Collision between or other objects are handled in the process.

Influence of main process parameters

1) The influence of power

2) The influence of cutting speed

3) The influence of pipe diameter

4) Type and pressure of auxiliary gas

Difficulty analysis of laser cutting pipe

Although laser cutting technology has been widely used in tube processing, there are still some problems, such as burning at the cutting point, in the burning corners, part of the inclined cutting surface, and deformation or failure to close when cutting round parts, which directly leads to serious waste Tube and tube cutting efficiency is low.

In the pipe cutting process, because the slag is attached to the inner wall of the pipe, most of the heat generated by the cutting is absorbed by the workpiece. When the cutting density is high, the pipe will overheat, and the four corners and four corners of the square pipe will be burned, which will seriously affect the cutting quality and even fail to cut.

For such problems,

1. The height of the cutting nozzle and the surface of the workpiece remains unchanged (the focus remains unchanged)

Ways to increase oxygen pressure

3. Use software to improve the speed of sharp corner synthesis


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