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Square Tube Laser Cutting

This year’s laser cutting pipe processing has encountered greater growth pressure as a whole. As a tool, laser can not only process plates, but also cut pipes. In addition to processing steel, it can also process common metals such as copper and aluminum. Nowadays, in the context of fierce competition in two-dimensional cutting machines, many manufacturers hope to find another way out, and laser tube cutting is expected.

In fact, laser tube cutting is nothing new. Several domestic companies launched similar products many years ago, but at that time there were fewer applications for laser tube cutting and higher equipment prices, so they were not widely promoted.

Today’s cutting machines are more advanced, basically using fiber lasers, and the speed is relatively fast. Most of the applications are for temporary positioning of stainless steel pipe cutting. These materials are widely used in kitchen utensils, bathrooms, handrails, doors and windows, etc. There are some requirements for the hollowing and cutting pattern of the pipe, so we must choose the fast and good method of laser cutting.

There are many laser cutting companies in China, and everyone is particularly sensitive to the development of the wind. As far as the pipe cutting machine is concerned, many cutting companies have already done it, and at least more than a dozen large cutting equipment companies have demonstrated at the exhibition. What is the demand for the pipe cutting machine? Can it produce shipments like the flat cutting in the previous two years? There will be no temporary observation. Many companies are willing to put on the push board because the growth of the plate cutting machine this year has been hindered, competition has intensified, and it has entered the era of meager profit; second, the pipe cutting machine still has a certain profit, and enterprises are willing to do it. Can the pipe cutter carry the banner of growth? Maybe this is a difficult job.


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