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Square Tube Laser Precision

In recent years, with the continuous acceleration of my country’s intelligent manufacturing, industries such as aircraft manufacturing, construction machinery, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, and agricultural machinery have gradually developed rapidly. As an important application tool, laser cutting technology plays a very important role due to its controllable processing, high power and high quality.

Laser cutting manufacturers believe that laser cutting technology is particularly suitable for the processing of various metal pipes

Metal pipes are widely used in aircraft manufacturing, engineering machinery, automobile industry, petrochemical, agricultural machinery and other industries. Due to different application scenarios, parts of different shapes and sizes need to be processed to meet the needs of different industries.

As a key component for conveying fluid materials in downstream industries, the market demand for metal pipes continues to expand. Traditional pipe cutting methods generally have the problems of low cutting efficiency and high labor intensity of workers. However, laser cutting technology is widely used because of its fast processing efficiency and good processing effect.

Traditional processing technology mainly relies on saw blade cutting, which has problems such as low efficiency, burrs, and high cost. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of my country’s metal pipe production and consumption, pipe laser cutting technology is rapidly popularized in my country. Advanced laser processing system solutions have been widely used in pipe production and processing, especially in the processing of stainless steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel, nickel-titanium alloy, inconel, titanium alloy and other metal pipe processing applications.


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