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Advantages and applications of laser cutting

Advantages and applications of laser cutting

1. Compared with other cutting methods, the technical characteristics of laser cutting machine tools have the following advantages:
It is a non-contact processing with high energy density and good controllability; high cutting speed. When cutting steel parts, the cutting efficiency is increased by 8-20 times, the heat-affected zone is extremely small, the deformation of the workpiece is minimal, the cutting edge roughness is extremely small, no need for fine processing, no fusibility after cutting, no need for deburring and slitting. Narrow and constant size, can achieve strict fit tolerances. High-precision holes can be made in high-hardness and high-brittle materials. Its processing efficiency is 12~15 times that of EDM and 200 times that of mechanical drilling. It is also convenient for processing micro-holes, group holes and special-shaped holes. Wait. Save materials. It saves 15% to 30% of materials, can greatly reduce production costs, and has high processing accuracy, and product quality is stable and reliable.

2. Laser cutting processing range

①Laser cutting has a wide range of processing, which can cut metal materials, such as low carbon steel, tool steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy, etc., and non-metal materials such as cardboard, wood, leather, glass, ceramics, etc.

②Laser cutting processing can not only process different kinds of materials, but also process materials with different thicknesses from thin plates to thick plates.

③Laser cutting can also process parts of different shapes, no matter the shape is simple or complex.

Advantages and applications of laser cutting

3. The interaction between laser and material The interaction process between laser and material is divided into the following stages:

A, no heat or basic optical stage. Since the absorption heat is very low at this stage, it cannot be used for general thermal processing.

B, heating below the phase transition point (T

C, heating above the phase transition point but below the melting point (Ts

D, heating above the melting point but below the vaporization point (Tm

E, heating above the vaporization point-plasma phenomenon. At this stage, the laser vaporizes the material and forms a plasma.

4. The high power density of the laser beam in the cutting process makes the material to be cut quickly heated, melted, even partially or completely evaporated. At the same time, the jet stream coaxial with the laser beam blows these materials out of the slit. The quality of the incision and the cutting edge are not only determined by the design of the machine tool, but also related to the feed rate of the focusing device or the feed rate of the workpiece, or a combination of the two factors.

5 Focus position The focus may be located above, above, or below the surface of the material to be cut, depending on the requirements of different materials and thicknesses. The position of the focus can be automatically adjusted, and the focus automatic adjustment system can ensure that the focus position remains constant throughout the working range.