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Analysis of welding structure production process

Analysis of welding structure production process

Welding structure manufacturing process:

1.Production preparation includes reviewing and familiarizing with construction drawings, understanding technical requirements, process analysis, formulating production process flow, process documents and quality assurance documents, process evaluation and confirmation of process methods, ordering of raw and auxiliary materials, preparation of laser cutting china equipment, etc. . In the production process of welded structures, production preparation is very important, and it must be careful and meticulous to achieve the purpose of improving productivity and ensuring quality.

2.Metal material pretreatment:The pretreatment of metal materials includes acceptance, classification, storage, calibration, rust removal, surface protection, pre-cutting, etc., to provide qualified raw materials for the production of welded structures.

3.Material preparation and molding:Material preparation and forming processing include marking, lofting, marking, blanking, edge processing, cold and hot forming, end surface processing, punching, etc., to provide qualified components for assembly and welding.

4.Assembly welding includes processes such as welding edge cleaning, assembling, and laser cutting. Assembling is based on the requirements of the installation drawings, using appropriate technology to combine the manufactured parts. Welding refers to the combination of good components, the selected welding method and the correct welding process for welding processing, so that they are connected into a whole, so that the metal material becomes the required metal structure. Assembly and welding are two important processes in the entire production process of welded structures.

5.Quality inspection and safety assessment Welding structure During the production process, product quality is very important. Quality inspection should run through the entire production process. Total quality management must clarify three basic views and guide the inspection work of welding production, namely: 1 It is to establish the user’s belief that the next process, the goal of the work is the user, and the user is supreme; the second is to establish a prevention first and establish a quality management system. The third is to establish quality inspection as the work concept of every employee in the entire enterprise.


Analysis of welding structure production process

The safety of welded structure is not only related to economic development, but also related to people’s life safety. Therefore, the development and improvement of welded structure safety assessment technology, and the implementation of welded structure safety assessment in the production process of welded structures have become an urgent need for the development and progress of modern industry.