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Asahi Gekikou Cutting Technology Introductory Japanese Principle

Asahi Gekikou Cutting Technology Introductory Japanese Principle

High light intensity, high energy density, high performance, cutting-up technique, and cutting technique. Other major application principles, high-density gekikouju collection, metal processing, demand-related material, one point on the surface, anthropomorphic rapid transformation, thermal power, opposite material advance processing. The technology is very advanced and has a tool for processing gold.

Non-molding board Gekikou cutting-cutting standard medical machining technology Main comprehensive cutting, bending, dropping, etc., but in actual use, other economic demand start processing, with the help of a model tool, this non-standard demand long-term processing time-sum processing Narumoto, Ya 很Associate processing density Japanese quality assurance, cause and present industrial industrial demand. Gekikou cutting-up technology, medium-sized metal processing, can be effective area, medical treatment, technical shortage, and current production demand. Other applications: Main body: Advantageous craftsmanship, low work strength and strength. Gekikou cut-up technique, small-scale use, and low-level conversion model-like time. Passing intense light cutting machine-like application, can direct welding metal processing work, actual “welding” to “welding” processing method, grace processing work, gradual processing time, low processing strength. At the same time, it is possible to use it as a technical application, to use it as a model, to develop a new product, to develop a new product, and to use it as a new product. Due to this, it is possible to use it in a small amount of work, and it can be used in a short period of time.

Asahi Gekikou Cutting Technology Introductory Japanese Principle

Next, advantageous in terms of processing efficiency and mass. Gekikou Cut-up Technology One item Very advanced technology. Past processing Principle analysis, Can be found, Other can be small processing time and above High precision, Rapid sum quasi-cut-up technology, Metal plate processing operation Normal primary molding, Proposed material utilization rate Sum and other sources, parallel Proposal completion work efficiency. In addition to this, super laser cutting technique tool with cutting cutting small, density fine, special points such as partial cut light sliding, can rapid completion cutting operation. At the same time, the processing efficiency is high, and the processing quality is high, and the actual quality is maintained. Due to this, it is a high-precision, high-quality machining work that is suitable for cutting-up technology in the middle of metal processing.

Third, low-processed book after possible. Intense light cutting technology practical application, other general effective land usage number copy edition减 夹 紧, 踮 帮 Assistance company Descending low metal processing book. Due to this, during the process of processing the gold, the application of the application, the application of the application, the function of the application of the software, the function of the waste, the cutting environment, the processing of the software, the processing of the completed metal. For example, the use of super light cutting in Switzerland, the desk-like “flying light path”, the materiality of the flight, the exemption from processing, the dead zone, and the processing speed are very high.

Non-stainless steel plate Gekikou cutting technique In-process metal processing Medium application Normal passing Gekikou cutting cutting technique Completed. Demand for new era industrial production, and the arrival of the cutting-cutting machine, which is the technical essence of the exhibition. During the actual application, the laser beam can be cut off, and the laser beam can be concentrated. During the process of processing gold, it is possible to use a super-light cutting machine. Causes of this, the application of the laser cutting machine, the application of the application, the production of each individual, the production of the product, the demand for the actual processing of the laser cutting machine, the performance of the main machine of the Japanese machine, the performance of the main machine of the Japanese machine, the system of the control system of the Japanese system, the introduction of the Japanese application. Before official use, application progress measurement, high processing efficiency, total amount, continuous increase, commercial market competition ability. Number of uses, cutting, cutting, cutting, and metal processing.

Arriving Gekikou Cut-up Technology, Shinwa Exhibition, Realized Gekikou Automatic Cut-up Technology. Causes, actual metal processing environment, fully utilized this type of technology, self-contained perfection related automation system, automatic control technology, step-by-step automatic control function, effective high processing efficiency At the same time, unmanned processing operation direction development. Next, basic type Japanese actual demand metal processing, carbon dioxide laser cutting technique can actually be assembled operation model selection, desk equipment Japanese electric power, use focus position control technique Japanese cutting split Japanese piercing technique, effective cutting, welding, Kazu Koi, etc. Welding operation material, higher metal processing quality.

总yuki, Gekikou cutting technology, compliant application, gold processing, process of conversion, research and development cycle of short new products, high efficiency, low reduction processing, and zero processing .. Due to this, during the actual processing, we have a good understanding of the application, the special point of the application, the cutting-up technology of the metal plate, the utilization rate of the metal plate material, the utilization rate of the metal plate, and the high-quality work of the application. Persistent industrial development exhibition Japanese consumer demand, high-level economic benefits, Japanese social benefits.