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Can laser cutting process aluminum sheets?

Can laser cutting process aluminum sheets?

Aluminum sheet processing is a frequently encountered problem in sheet metal processing. One of the questions is whether the aluminum plate can be cut by laser? The answer is yes, it can be cut by laser.

A few years ago, laser cutting machines could cut aluminum sheets. I remember that workers painted ink on aluminum panels (it is said that aluminum panels have a high reflection coefficient, so they are afraid of reflecting laser light). In addition, the laser parameters are not easy to adjust. At that time, only aluminum plates with a thickness of 1 mm could be cut. After accumulating experience, the aluminum plate is cut very smoothly and there is no slag.

Laser cutting machine cutting aluminum plate also depends on the power of the laser generator. The thickness of 6000W can be cut to 16mm, and the thickness of 4500W can be cut to 12mm. However, the processing cost is high because it is a highly reflective material. Laser cutting is to use a focused high-power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece, so that the irradiated material can quickly melt, vaporize, ablate or reach the ignition point. At the same time, with the help of the coaxial laser beam, the high-speed airflow blows away the molten material, thereby realizing the cutting of the workpiece.

Is the cutting surface of laser cut aluminum plate as smooth as other materials?

The cut of the aluminum plate is also smooth. The aluminum plate is only a highly reflective material. It requires a large laser generator and cutting gas. Like other materials, it is cut with nitrogen and will not cause the surface to be uneven.

The above is some personal experience of aluminum laser cutting, let’s collect information from a professional level to explain it.

Can laser cutting process aluminum sheets

The aluminum plate is laser cut

1. Fine cutting seam: the cutting seam of laser cutting aluminum plate is generally 0.1mm-0.2mm

2. Smooth cutting surface:aluminum plate has no burrs and slag on the cutting surface.

3. Small thermal deformation: The laser cutting seam of laser processing is thin, fast, and energy concentrated, so the heat transferred to the material to be cut is small, and the deformation of the material is also small.

4. Material saving: laser processing adopts computer programming, laser equipment can cut materials of aluminum plate processing parts of different shapes, which improves the material utilization rate of aluminum plate and saves a lot of material cost.

5. The thickness of the cut aluminum plate depends on the power of the laser generator. Generally speaking, 6000W thick aluminum plate can be cut to 16mm, and 4500W can be cut to 12mm.

Precautions for laser cutting aluminum plate:

Aluminum plate is a highly reflective material, which is very damage to the laser!

Generally, it is not recommended that customers use fiber laser cutting machines to cut aluminum plates, and use them as little as possible! A laser beam is worth hundreds of thousands of yuan, and it is not worth it to lose!