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Correlation Gekikou Kiriwari Industry Development-like Correlation Knowledge Understanding

Correlation Gekikou Kiriwari Industry Development-like Correlation Knowledge Understanding

Gekikou cutting and cutting Gekikou processing is used. Pulsed laser suitable for metal materials, continuous laser beam suitable for non-metal materials, the latter one important for laser cutting technology. Combined calculator, self-reliant automatic equipment, infinite light beam tool, unlimited cutting ability, cutting and cutting. Gekikou Kiriwari No Machine Transformation, No Sword Cutting, Easy Actual Automation Production.

Gekikou Kiriwari  application use  gold processing, five gold processing, decree production, kitchen utensils, trains, lamps, swords, electric ladders, metal crafts, spectacles, porcelain machines, eyeglasses, aeronautical equipment, medical equipment, etc. Specially-designed metal processing business, traditional processing method, and deep-reception business.

1, Gekikou cut-up technology

Intense light cutting and cutting utilization High power density and intense light beam irradiation Cut-off material, material used for rapid heating and steaming temperature, evaporation formation cavity. Motion on the material with the incident luminous flux, narrowing of the perforated stenosis (about 0.1 mm), completion of the material.

Gekikou cut-off possible division Gekikou steaming cut-off, gekikou melting cut-off, gekikou oxid cut-off sum gekikou 划 katawa possible cutting port.

1. Gekikou Steam Cutting

High-capacity, high-density, intense light beam, advanced heating, rapid temperature rise, short-term arrival of material boiling point. Since steaming and high-speed injection came, it was formed on the material at the same time. Material Steaming heat General metropolitan area, since then Gekikou steaming cut-off demand Large power power sum power power density.

Thin metal for laser beam vaporization Japanese non-metal materials (rubber, cloth, wood, plastics, rubber, foam, etc.). Ultra-short pulsed laser technology can be applied to other materials. Metal-neutral free electron association Absorption intense light parallel intense heating. Gekikou 脉 冲 冲 non-fused molten particles sum, etc. Skin seconds 脉 冲 烧 蚀 In the middle of the process, ablation-like heat effect, molten Japanese hair stab formation.

2. Gekikou melting cutting

During intense light melting cutting, passing intense light heating molten metal material, after passing light beam, same humorous injection non-oxidizing gas (AR, he, N, etc.), liquid metal atmosphere, large pressure discharge, formation cut. Gekikou Melting Cut-off Undemanding General Metal Complete Steaming, Energy Capacity 1/10.

Gekikou-melting main use U-kiri-wari, slightly non-oxidizing material or active metal, stainless steel and its alloy, Ya-usable U-kiri-wari and other easy-to-melt materials, Nyo-gourd.

3. Gekikou Oxygen Cutting (Flame Cutting)

Gekikou oxidic cutting principle. An active gas body such as an intense light source, an oxid gas, etc. One side, injectable gas body, cutting metal, redox, redox, large amount of redox heat; In the process of cutting and cutting, the amount of heat generated by the oxidized anti-product, the amount of energy required for the cutting and cutting, and the amount of energy required for the cutting and cutting are half, and the cutting speed is high. Gekikou oxidic cutting main use for heat treatment, such as easy oxidization metal material.

4. Gekikou line harmony restraint

High-efficiency, high-density, high-efficiency, high-density, high-density, surface-advancing drawing of brittle materials, heat-receiving evaporation of materials used, constant pressure applied afterwards, brittle materials attended by small tanks. Laser beam laser laser general adjustment q laser beam laser Japanese CO2 laser beam laser.

Control rupture utilization Gekikou open tank productive temperature distribution Brittle material Medium-sized bureau heat application force, small tank rupture along the material used.