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Do you know the seven advantages of the automatic laser cutting pipe processing machine?

Do you know the seven advantages of the automatic laser cutting pipe processing machine?

As an advanced pipe cutting technology, laser cutting technology has been widely accepted. Laser cutting  china  pipe processing is widely used in fitness equipment, construction machinery, household manufacturing and other industries. In different application scenarios, there are many shapes of pipes.

So today we will talk about the advantages of these seven laser pipe cutting machines.

Seven major model advantages

1. Modular design, free combination. The loading and unloading structure design is standard and modular, and different loading methods can be selected, such as manual loading, semi-automatic discharging, fully automatic hook pushing, etc.; all kinds of blanking methods are equipped with national patented 4-meter floating blanking (also available Choose other blanking methods) to realize real-time support of the cutting workpiece, avoid swinging the tail of the workpiece, and improve processing accuracy. Users can freely combine according to their needs.

2. High cutting efficiency and obvious advantages. Compared with the third generation, the positioning speed of the fourth-generation automatic laser pipe cutting machine has been increased from 100M/min to 120m/min. Y, Z linear axis and a, B rotary axis are imported from Europe, with high precision, high speed, large torque, large inertia, stable and durable performance, ensuring the high speed and acceleration of the whole machine; fully automatic loading and unloading system, with Korean patents , Zero error, good stability, and high overall processing efficiency.

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3. The pipes are conveyed instantly and seamlessly connected. While cutting the tube, the next tube is automatically prepared in the feeding structure at the same time. After the previous section of pipe is processed, it will be sent to the next section of pipe immediately. The equipment completes the feeding action in an instant, and the pipe quickly enters the cutting state. The load-bearing capacity of the pipeline can be up to 200kg.

4. The equipment can be monitored and maintained in real time through the oes system.

5. Strong scalability, easy to handle various pipelines. It can cut metal pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, oval pipes, D-shaped pipes, channel steel, angle steel and other profiles.

6. The feed shaft of the chuck is supported by angular contact bearings with long service life and high precision. It can be quickly adjusted and repaired after wear.

7. Equipped with fast cutting high-speed flight tube cutting to achieve high-quality processing.