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End of damage, zero part of hand-held machine

End of damage, zero part of hand-held machine

Arriving intelligence, handicraft, functioning, uninterrupted wealth, handicraft-like composition, change, and luck. The effect of the design, the process, and the progress of the small surface. Face-to-face processing, or more or less, complex and uneven, urban shadows, mobile phones. Due to this, each individual part is integrated with each other, and laser cutting is performed with high precision and advanced welding.

High-performance laser-welded laser-welded laser-welded laser-welded small-faced laser-welded material. Gekikou radiant energy transfer, heat transfer, lead material formation after melting, specific welding pond, arriving and contact purpose. Gekikou Welding Equipment Heat-affected Zone Small, Deformed Small, Laser Welding Speed, Accelerated Light Welding, etc. Najo Hand Desk Welding Part Demand Gekikou Welding?

01. Laser Welding Welding Desk Hand Desk Bone Rack

Hand-held one-piece image connection 4G sum 5g-like pivot, Shogun alloy middle stile Japanese hand-desk middle board-like and other materials. Metallic piece passing, laser welding, welding, welding, electrical parts, anti-oxidant, antiseptic action. Comprehensive etc.

02. Gekikou Welding Desk Handheld Desk USB Number Stationary Line Power Source Adaptation Device Medium Application

Number of USBs Stationary line Japanese power source Applicable device Living in a selfish life An important horn color. Immediate domestic laser welding technology for laser welding.

03. Metal case inside the hand desk

Internal multi-metal parts of the handset, demand general, etc. Hand-held zero-case conventional general-purpose welding, comprehensive electric-blocking, intense-light welding, hand-held non-welding screw mother, intense-light welding, hand-held model welding, intense-light welding, hand-held shooting, line, intense-light welding. Gekikou-fired welding desk In-fire welding hand-held desk During the course of the process Unnecessary sword tool contact, avoidance Yuu sword tool equipment Surface contact Artificial equipment Surface welding. This is a new kind of new micro-electron sealing Japanese mutual technology, which can be used as a metal zero-case processing craft.

04. Gekikou Welding Desk Hand Desk Core Katawa PCB Board Application

Hand desk core piece Usually for fingering, hand desk communication effective core piece. PCB board, electronic device, electrical connection service, electronic device. Descending hand-soldering, thin-direction development, traditional welding, non-economical welding, internal zero-handed welding. Since the exhibition of self-propelled laser welding technology, each line has been uninterrupted. Accidental welding effectiveness rate Japanese quality Quantitative height, intense light welding tool effective rate high, quality good, service life length, etc. Advantages, parallel realization automated production. Others that are used by the manufacturer.