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Five major business operations

Five major business operations

In recent years, it has been a new breakthrough in the area of ​​laser cutting. Face-to-face domestic and overseas customers Opposite tube material molding demand, super-light cutting and cutting tube material already selected. Equipment business, lighting business, furniture business, furniture business, kitchenware business, bathing industry, indivisible pipe material cutting molding. Traditional processing method Equal separation cutting, polishing machine pressure, pig iron processing. Use This trivial processing method, history recovery, localization trouble, low processing accuracy, processing quality difference, demand and human power.

1. Gekikou cutting-cut healthy equipment application

During the process of manufacturing healthy equipment, demand vs. various types of pipe materials are cut off. Attached healthy equipment business 创 Shinwa 升 级, opposition processing technical requirements Yaetsurai Koetsu Takashi. A new processing technology that has been completed in the production of healthy equipment. High-speed, high-quality, intense light cutting, such as available pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, and round pipes. Equipment recovery, undemanding development, new product development time completed by the Ministry of Finance.

2. Gekikou cutting and lighting application

Demand for the majority of furniture products Used metal pipes Japanese plate material processing, Yu Yu metal processing degree, past metal furniture-like price and emergency. Tradition processing method Phase ratio, Glitch processing tool Graphical arbitrary, Dimensional depth arbitrary adjustment, High precision, Speedy, Flat cut hairless stab, Automatic typesetting, Mold saving material, Non-consumable imitation tool, etc. Under the homologous production volume of Narumoto, it is possible to provide a variety of furniture products, maintenance accuracy, actual furniture products, multi-product, multi-function, favorable adaptation High-quality production efficiency Japanese-style low-quality book.

3. Gekikou cutting and cutting

Metal fittings, materials, and materials, fireproof, durable, indoor and outdoor wall, standing pillars, wall, etc. Gekikou Kiriwaki-like active sum High precision, metal for copper, stainless steel, etc.

4. Gekikou cutting-cutting chair-like application

Gekikou Kiriwari Technology, Toru Atsushi, is currently dressed as a house. Pursuit of zero accuracy Sum of good surface lightness, super-light cutting pipe unsuccessful pursuit favorable cutting quality, reduction of control production production book.

At the time of critical processing, the surface of the pipe is irrelevant, and the surface of the work is preventive. Demand for traditional metalworking crafts Cutting, holes, curves, hair removal, etc., recovery crafts, production cycle length. Optical fiber optic cutting pipe machine Possible Direct use In material processing Post-curve Japanese welding, possible Direct erasing removal Hair stabs, etc. More important measures Intense light processing accuracy is high, mass is good, effect is good, and operation is easy.

5. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom-like laser cutting china

Yuu 甈锢 钢 Material Authentic redox, anti-corrosion, non-corrosion, stainless steel, safety, etc. Gekikou processing is possible for a few seconds.