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Gekikou cutting and cutting processing

Gekikou cutting and cutting processing

Gekikou cut-up technique Important cut-up technique in the gekikou processing area, 70% of the ratio can be reached, and the importance of the relationship during processing.


Gekikou cutting-up technology Gekikou processing technical association part. Yasushi World Public Comparable Cut-up Technique No. 1.

Adequate social development, production and production harmony development exhibition, industrial production and production harmony processing technical continuous development, gekikou cut-up technology, rapid development development Other processing and technical effects.

Gekikou cutting machine and its basic principle

Intense light action 1 type of phase dry light, good color characteristics, high chromaticity, high kinetic density, harmony and excellent characteristics. During the processing of industrial products, the non-stainless steel plate is used for cutting and laser cutting, and the cutting is used for cutting, welding, welding, and marking. In addition to this, there is a large-scale development of other tools, 趋 势, indoor space Japanese development potential;

Gekikou cutting desk

For cutting and cutting, various metal raw materials, thick glass plates, hard alloy knives, non-metal materials, etc., and many non-metal materials, porcelain, porcelain, plywood, etc.

Gekikou cut-off lathe management system 3 individual related parts: Number of server floor service equipment, Gekikou generator and its automatic control system.

Action system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system, control system. , Electric, etc .;

Gekikou cutting basic principle

After the laser beam, of course, the raw material is a solid, and the temperature is high at tens of thousands of degrees. Other Noh promotion raw materials Instantaneous melting Japanese sequel, Yano evoked violent 冲击 wave, used melting chemicals, flammable, instantaneous swelling and removal.

Yuu This kind of unique characteristics, Gekikou Kiriwaki Can Sho Gekikouju Focused raw material on the surface, one point on the surface In addition, within a short period of time, the temperature of the hot spots of the light beam, the melting point of the raw material, the melting point of the raw material, the melting point of the raw material, and the melting point of the raw material.

On the other hand, under the actual operation of the laser cutting and cutting, the dynamic path diameter is changed. During the process of preparation, the surface layer of the raw material to be processed is constantly produced and vaporized.

Gekikou cut-up technology

Super fast cutting speed, small cut, local flat-cutting, and good cutting quality.

Competitive cutting technique, super-light cutting technique, non-meeting number of swords, piece-making, heavy-duty ; cutting surface, productive heat quantity,phase comparison small; ; In-process recovery, impossibility of imitation, application of various types of metal processing, high-quality, high-precision.

The reason for this is that the company is in the process of processing the technology for cutting-up technology, and the technology for cutting-up technology.

Gekikou Cut-up Technical Development Exhibition

In the industrial production processing management system in China, the cutting and welding for the intense light related technology, the welding, and the heat treatment and engineering.

Gekikou cutting-up technology Gekikou processing business Nakaya Kou Other existence, application Japanese marketing marketing, indoor space design, and a large-scale exhibition.

Arrival of Japan’s economic and rapid development, Japanese industry, industrial and industrial continuous development, Echigo-Etsu multi-purpose metal processing business, development and Japanese design, mass industrialization, castle city, construction technology management center, high economic efficiency.

Gekikou cutting machine

(1) Gekikou cut-off can rational use number of rationale, excellent points, large-scale high-grade raw material utilization rate, small amount of raw material application, total consumption, total external stakes, human-like efficiency, Japanese software, ideal practical effect.

On the other hand, the applicability of the piercing and lowering is possible.

Causes, necessary promotion, effective cut-off plan distribution, rational high processing efficiency, total raw materials;

(2) Commercial development design speed representative arrival market under the environment of profit development market in Japan.

Gekikou cutting-cutting machine-like application can rational small mold application number, mold new product development progress, promotion development development systematic walking.

Intense light cut-off zero case quality excellent, productivity rate high, advantage in small criticism, productive production system, development progress of current products, declining situation, influential insurance market. Gekikou severing application can quasi-standard, quasi-localization standard size, quasi-cutting, and subsequent criticism.

(3) During the process of metal processing, the board material is basically owned. Reasonable work efficiency, can be implemented, work efficiency, sum processing, and double-sided work efficiency. In addition to this, promotion and public environment improvement, large and large product development speed, small amount of mold money input, rational restraint book;

(4) Gekikou cutting-cutting machine, medium-sized metal processing, can be rationalized, small new product-like processing, manufacturing cycle time, large-sized, small-sized, imitation-like money input, etc. Cutting and cutting equipment-like  application work can be rational land process, various types of recovery progress, partial quasi-relevance, other advantages, immediate reduction processing, circulation time, high processing accuracy,  saving hard work model conversion process, rational high rate