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Gekikou cutting-cutting this trivial basic knowledge, you caution grasp

Gekikou cutting-cutting this trivial basic knowledge, you caution grasp

Gekikou cutting

At the time of the intense light beam irradiation work, the materials used were melted or vaporized. Geki light beam once perforation work, cutting process started: Geki light beam collateral line transfer, simultaneous fusion material. Normal use Supercritical flow cut-cut processing melt, split part Japanese plate stenosis, stenotic gap.

Flame cutting

Flame cut-off cut-off cut-off low-carbon steel standard transition process, used oxid gas work cut-off gas body. Oxide pressure 6 bar, afterwards blow-in cut. In Nari, the metal to be heated is oxidized. Chemical anti-energy emission Large amount of energy (5 times the energy of high-powered light)

Melting cutting

Melting cutting, cutting, cutting, metal, total, standard, and so on. Yasushi Ukiriwari and other easy-to-melt materials, ceramics.

Used gas or gas action cutting gas body, general 2 to 20 bar-like gas body pressure blowing cut. Dinitrogen gas body, Noble gas body, Noble gas theory, Inert gas fusion metal in the cut end, Noble gas, Noble gas, and bottom. At the same time, the noble gas body can be protected and the blade edge is not covered with air.

Compressed air cutting

Compressed air, a thin steel plate for cutting air. 5-6 bar-like atmospheric pressure molten metal in the blow-off cut. 80% of the air pressure, the air pressure, the air pressure, and the melting air.

Plasma laser cutting

The number of parameters to be selected, the same number of plasmas, the number of plasmas, the number of plasmas, and the number of plasmas. Equal ionized body Ionized metal vapor Japanese ionized cutting gas body composition. Equal-isolated carbon dioxide absorption CO2 Gekikou ability parallel conversion work, multi-use capacity improvement work, material melting speed improvement, diversion speed improvement. This is the type of cutting, which is called high-speed cutting.

In fact, it is transparent, because it is a solid light beam, and it is transparent.