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Gekikou cutting machine and its related principle overview

Gekikou cutting machine and its related principle overview

Gekikou cutting-up technique Important cutting technique during the Gekikou processing process, proportionally 70%. This is important.

Gekikou cut-up technique, important technical composition part, Yasushi world public comparison advanced cut-up technique No. 1. Sustainable social productive uninterrupted development Japanese industrial processing technical uninterrupted progress, gekikou cut-up technique techya rapid development exhibition Japanese progress, other existing metal processing intermediate application Koshirai Yue, parallel and other unreachable effects.

Gekikou cutting tube material processing and its related principle outline

Gekikou Gakusei Ai Ryoko-like type, with monochromatic color, high brightness, high energy density, good direction, etc. During industrial processing, it is used for cutting,laser cutting, welding, welding, etc. At the same time, there is a huge amount of space. Gekikou cutting-cutting work system main division desk floor main desk, Gekikou sum control system three important parts.

Gekikou cutting principle

After the light beam, the light beam can be produced at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. Yuu This kind of special characteristics, intense light cutting machine can general intense light beam Jyu focused material to be processed material superficial one point, triggering parallel promotion intense light capacity Yuko Noh thermal transformation. At the same time, within a few seconds, the temperature at the point of concentration of the intense light beam, the melting point of the material, the boiling point of the material, the state of the material used, and the small hole formed. On the other hand, under the control of the laser beam cutting and cutting, the dynamic path diameter is changed. During the process of preparation, the surface of the waiting-processed material was continuously liquefied and vaporized.

Gekikou cut-up technology

Gekikou cutting speed is very fast, cutting is small, cutting part is flattened, and manipulative cutting is good. Competitive cutting technology phase ratio, Gekikou cutting splitting gold case Opposite sword tool swordsmanship , Can be completed under the condition of non-borrowing model. Various types of metal processing work. This is the reason why the multi-industry system is built in a single position.