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How did laser tube cutting achieve results?

How did laser tube cutting achieve results?

Laser cutting is based on laser beams.

Laser is often used in communication engineering because it can carry a lot of information without electromagnetic interference and signal leakage.

When applied to metal cutting, it has the advantages of high energy density and narrow beam.

One of the advantages of the laser pipe cutting machine is that it can perform complex cutting faster than other machines.

How did laser tube cutting achieve results

For example, drill holes in drill rods of various shapes and sizes, and cut various patterns.

In addition, laser cutting ceramic tubes can provide a good cutting section, and subsequent welding and other processing do not require secondary processing. It is also suitable for cutting thin-walled and thick-walled tubes.

The difference in laser tube cutting is the accuracy of the cutting. Due to the improvement of modern laser cutting china machines, the industrial application of small diameter pipes has been greatly accelerated.

Using CAD software for plane design and importing it into the operating system of the cutting machine can automatically complete the laser tube cutting, which greatly increases the speed of the manufacturing project. Usually, the operating system contains a database, where the key information includes the material type, thickness and geometry of the pipe.