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Investigating related light beam cutting tube material processing

Investigating related light beam cutting tube material processing

1. High accuracy: localization accuracy 0.05mm, recovery localization accuracy 0.02mm

2. Constriction: Intense light beam, small light spot, high power density. The degree of rapid heating to the material, evaporation formation sinus. Adhesive luminous flux, material-related linearity, and pore-forming stenosis. Cut length General 0.10-0.20 mm.

3. Cut surface light slip: Cut surface hairless stab, cut surface roughness General restraint Ra 12.5 or less.

4. Speedy: Cutting speed can be reached 10m / min, localization speed can be reached 70m / min, specific laser cutting speed is fast.

5. Cutting quality: Non-contact cutting, cutting edge heat-affected zone, work-related heat-affected zone, complete avoidance and shearing formation collapse, cutting general undemanding secondary processing.

Gekikou cutting-cutting metal processing

6. Opposite work case non-existence: Gekikou cutting machine non-membership material surface contact, protection work non-meeting damage.

7. Unreceived cut material hardness Shadow: Intense light-capable processed steel plate, stainless steel plate, stainless alloy plate, hard alloy, etc., of course, type hardness, uniform variable free cutting.

8. Non-received work Shaped shadow: Intense light processing, laser machining, processable arbitrary graphic shape, cuttable split pipe material, etc.

9. Available non-metal cutting, plastics, wood, PVC, leather, textiles, acrylics, etc.

10. Molding  : Undemanding shavings, non-consumable shavings, non-demanding shavings, mold shavings conversion time, 节 节 节 节 processing

11. Materials to be used: Computer editing, cut-off on the arranging board for products with irregular shapes, and utilization rate of materials to be raised.

12. Proposed new product development speed: After the product is formed, it is immediately advanced and intense light processing, and the new product is obtained within a short period of time.

As mentioned above, the advantages of the processing of the laser beam cutting tube material and the processing of the metal in the process, the problematic reception system.