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Laser Cutting Oval Red Copper Plate

Laser cutting services for plastic shim stock, elastomeric product, frozen epoxy preform, tape and Kraft paper applications. Capable of laser cutting parts up to +/-0.002 in. tolerance. Prototype production runs offered. Serves the medical, military, aerospace and electronics industries. Meets MIL-DTL-83528 QPL standards. ITAR registered.

Material Satinless steel, metal, red copper
Size or shape According to customer drawing or request
Surface treatment Polishing, brushing, chrome plating, electriplating, powder coating
Drawing accepted CAD, PDF, SOLIDWORKS
Service mode OEM or ODM
Certification ISO 9001
Feature Focus on high end market products
Processing procedure Laser cutting, cnc punching, cnc bending, reviting, welding, polishing, assembly


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