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Oval Tube Laser Processing

Laser cutting refers to the use of laser beams to drill holes on the surface of the product, and the gap generated according to the horizontal movement is called laser cutting. Laser can cut various product materials, such as acrylic, knife template, cloth, leather and other materials can be cut with laser. Laser cutting manufacturers believe that laser cutting is a new cutting solution in many industries. For such a new cutting method, there are many advantages compared with traditional cutting.

Laser technology and industry are not purely industrial technologies. Whether in life or business, laser technology has become an important goal of strategic heights and strength competition. The basic technology of aviation machinery, shipbuilding, automobile, medical and other industries is constantly updated.

1. Application industry:

Sheet metal, hardware, kitchenware, electronics, auto parts, glasses, billboards, handicrafts, lamps, decorations, jewelry, furniture, medical equipment, fitness equipment, exhibition equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, bridges, ships, spare parts, etc.

2. Applicable materials:

Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy, aluminum, galvanized sheet, titanium, brass, copper, round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, waist tube and other metal plate tubes.

3. Product features:

1) Advanced chuck clamping system

The self-adjusting center of the chuck can automatically adjust the clamping force according to the profile specifications to ensure that the thin tube is clamped without damage;

Two pairs of mobile, compatible with various pipes, no need to replace and adjust;

Increase the stroke of the jaws, and there is no need to adjust the jaws when the pipe diameter changes within 100mm.

2) Quick angle cutting system

The corner cutting response is fast, which greatly improves the cutting efficiency.

3) Multi-axis linkage

In the process of cutting the rectangular tube, the feed axis, the cutting head moving axis, the chuck rotating axis and the cutting head lifting axis are multi-axis linkage, which can realize rapid response and connection, greatly reducing idle time and improving production capacity.


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