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Laser Cutting Thick Copper Plates

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Material Capabilities
Stainless steel304/316, mu metal, carbon steel, aluminum, steel alloy, brass etc.
CNC processing 5000×1500mm (max)
CNC cutting T≤ 12mm, L≤ 3000mm
Laser cutting T≤ 16mm, 6000× 200 (max)
CNC bending T≤ 10mm, L≤ 4100mm

CNC stamping, welding, drilling, tapping, milling, broaching, threading, riveting, 

deep drawing
Surface treatment
Mirror polishing, nature, powder coating, chrome/zinc/nickel plated, oxidation, passivating, hot dip galvanizing, electroplating

Automotive industry 

Electrical industry 
Building industry 
Furniture industry 
Machine assembly industry 
Computer components
Industry hand tool industry
More than 10 years of manufacture

Stamping parts: 0.01mm~0.1m 

CNC maching parts: 0.002~0.1mm
Special Design
Highly welcome
* Many sizes available
* Available in various materials
* Customer’s drawing or sample is welcomed.
* Help design the good to match customer’s product and some subtle suggestions will optimize the performance and reduce the cost
* All the subcomponents are precisely assembled, resulting in better overall and consistent performance


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