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Problems and solutions in the application of laser tube cutting

Problems and solutions in the application of laser tube cutting

With the rapid growth of stainless steel tube production and consumption in China, laser cutting equipment is rapidly popularized in my country, and the rapid growth in demand for CNC tube cutting and laser tube cutting technology highlights the serious shortage and lag of current laser cutting equipment and CNC tube cutting processing.It reflects that some stainless steel companies have advanced laser cutting equipment, but still expose the phenomenon of low pipe cutting efficiency, poor pipe cutting quality, and serious pipe waste.

Laser tube cutting technology is a technology with high production efficiency and high productivity. As long as the design scheme can be modified in a limited time, it will not affect the entire product production process; the greater advantage is that the user can control the short or medium version Instead of making a large number of templates, it can respond to customer needs more quickly, so there is no need to make molds. From the perspective of flexibility,technology can process any programmed shape; laser can cut in any direction. The shape of the template can be changed quickly without the help of any tools, making it possible to handle competitive personalized packaging or branding. Accuracy is also one of the advantages of digital systems. Laser processing can compensate for errors in printing and post-press processing. For example, the material may be stretched and deformed, and the laser can be adjusted according to these deformations, which is not possible with traditional templates. The processing of laser tube cutting products is a very accurate and high-level technology. Of course, it also requires a certain cost investment in the early stage. The following will provide targeted solutions around the related problems of laser tube cutting.

Problems and solutions in the application of laser tube cutting

Through professional pipe cutting and nesting software, drawing, nesting, and cutting segment programming on the computer in advance to generate the cutting program, and then perform full-stroke automatic laser cutting china on large-length stainless steel pipes. Due to the high cutting efficiency of CNC laser tube cutting, programming is more complicated. If used improperly, it will cause tube waste and low cutting efficiency. Professional nesting software is the basis and prerequisite for the CNC pipe cutting machine to realize mass, high efficiency and high quality cutting production.

At present, the quality problems in the laser pipe cutting process mainly include: overheating of the lead-out point of the part, overheating of the corner of the part, tilt of the pipe surface, deformation of the round part or failure to close, etc., which directly cause serious pipe waste and low pipe cutting production efficiency. Numerical control pipe cutting technology is that the index control system provides advanced pipe cutting technology and rich experience in pipe cutting control software, so that pipe cutting operators can realize high-quality and high-efficiency numerical control cutting through proficient use of the control system. CNC laser tube cutting technology is a high-volume, high-efficiency and high-quality tube-cutting production method. The core of CNC tube-cutting is the CNC tube-cutting system.

Due to pipe cutting (especially small diameter square pipe), the dissolved slag adheres to the inner wall of the pipe, and most of the heat generated by the cutting is absorbed by the workpiece. When the cutting density is high, the pipe will overheat, and the four corners and four corners will be overburned, which will seriously affect the cutting quality, or even fail to cut. For this type of problem, you can use: 1. Increase the oxygen pressure; 2. Increase the speed of acute angle synthesis through software. 3. The belt height sensing servo system of the laser cutting head can ensure that the height of the cutting nozzle and the workpiece table is consistent (the focus is the same) during the cutting process, so that the cutting effect is not affected by the surface change of the workpiece.

In view of the above-mentioned solutions, targeted solutions will inevitably improve the efficiency of laser pipe cutting processing equipment, thereby improving low pipe cutting efficiency and poor pipe cutting quality, resulting in serious pipe waste, and improving the efficiency of enterprise production and processing products. , Create better profits for the enterprise.