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Several ways of stainless steel sheet laser-cutting processing

Several ways of stainless steel sheet laser-cutting processing

The surface texture process refers to the forging, scratching, grinding, corrosion and othe laser cutting china processes that produce texture effects on the surface of the stainless steel sheet.

Surface polishing is a method of polishing the surface of stainless steel plates using mechanical or manual grinding materials. Surface polishing, mirror finish, mercerizing, sandblasting and other effects. According to different surface effects, the tools and methods used are different.

Polishing tools include sand cloth, sandpaper, polishing wheels, polishing belts, grinding wheels, etc. When grinding, countless abrasive particles are equivalent to countless high-hardness blades, which are cut on the surface of the stainless steel sheet for processing to achieve the goal of leveling.

Several ways of stainless steel sheet laser-cutting processing

Mirror effect atmospheric pre-polishing and fine-polishing, pre-polishing uses hard or hard polishing wheel polished stainless steel plate processing surface treatment process, it can go out to grind the rough traces on the surface. Finishing uses flexibility to further  laser cutting process the pre-polished surface to remove traces left on the pre-polished surface to obtain a bright mirror surface.

Surface etching is a mottled and changing decorative effect obtained by chemical acid etching. The specific method is as follows: First, the surface of the stainless steel sheet processing is coated with a layer of asphalt, and then the designed particles are coated on the asphalt surface, and the processing of the stainless steel sheet will be exposed to the corroded parts. The following can be corroded, and the corrosion can be determined according to the working size. Choose to immerse in a chemical acid solution to corrode and spray solution to corrode. Generally speaking, immersion etching is chosen for small works. Chemical acid is highly corrosive, and safety protection must be paid attention to when carrying out corrosive operations.

Stainless steel can save metal materials, simple processing technology, can reduce production costs, save production costs and other advantages.