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Small number of small numbers

Small number of small numbers

10 years since the end of the exhibition, the laser beam laser, the laser beam laser, and the laser fiber beam laser.

Gekikou Machining Desk Floor Technology Nissho Maturity, China’s huge potential market. Consequential conflicting additions, gold industry, each step of profit and space compression, descent space, small size, processing technology conversion type must be present. At the same time, China was the center of international manufacturing. Increasing external demand, increasing demand for metal processing, increasing demand for metal processing ability, and increasing demand for metal processing ability.

Traditional metalworking crafts: Welding craftsmanship: Welding craftsmanship or flames, etc. Face-to-face variety, small criticism, fixed system, high quality, short-term sympathy, apparent ataxia. laser cutting up technique “cut-up technique” replacement work, tool flexibility, Japanese high flexibility, regular use, non-manufacturing (or recovery) work, Japanese sample (single case or small criticism), partial replacement work Processing craftsmanship.

Traditional cutting equipment A large market occupancy equivalent to the existing market. Suddenly unsuccessful cutting board Gekikou Kiriwari Yes Self-specific advantage, However, Gekikou Kiriwari, etc. Current technology phase ratio, its inferiority, emergency, this  earth shadow  Competitive power.

Small number of small numbers

1. (CNC) Scissors machine Main straight shearing, straight shearing for normal use;

2. (CNC / turning tower) Okadoko vs. thickness of 1.5mm plate with cutting limit system, surface quality difference, height of Narimoto, music size, disadvantageous environment;

3. Flame cutting work Originally used traditional cutting method, suitable for cutting thermal deformation, cutting dimension, loss, machining speed, prideful rough machining;

4. Equal separation cutting, Japanese spirit, etc. Separation cutting, flame cutting, similar. At the time of cutting and cnc milling china thin sheet, heat transformation is excessive, and the degree is comparatively large. At the time of this demand, there are no demands, and consumables are available.

5. High pressure drainage cutting speed, heavy dyeing, and high consumption.

Light fiber geki light cutting machine advantage

Gekikou cutting tool has high activity, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, short production cycle, etc. Of course, there are no cases of reduction, and there are no cases of recovery.

Cutting constriction, good cutting quality, high degree of automation, simple operation, low degree of movement, safety environment;

Actually automatic cutting and discharging fee Japanese style, high material utilization rate, swordless polishing, material adaptability,  Owned material Tono cutting.

Suddenly intense light cutting, cutting, cutting accuracy, Japanese plate material, high speed machining, splitting direction, ratio number, hole, hole tool, excellent, but fruit demand, Hundred Kano, Asara deep, sword, sword, sword, sword, squeeze, sword, sword, sword, sword, sword, sword, sword, sword The floor.

Adjunct technical exhibition, optical fiber laser, optical fiber laser, and CO2 laser fiber laser. Number of optical fiber cutting and cutting technology overcoming early stage Japanese CO2 optical fiber cutting and cutting technology