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The Application Of Laser Cladding Technology In Construction Machinery

The Application Of Laser Cladding Technology In Construction Machinery

The Application Of Laser Cladding Technology In Construction Machinery

my country is rich in coal resources and has been used as the most important energy source for industrial production for a long time. As the cutter installed on the shearer and roadheader, the performance of the pick directly affects the production capacity, power consumption, working stability and service life of other related parts of the mining machine.

The failure of the pick not only greatly reduces the progress of the project, increases the cost of coal mining, but also increases the labor intensity of coal miners. Therefore, the reasonable selection of the material of the cutter body and the effective heat treatment method have positive effects on reducing the wear and breaking of the cutter body, reducing the consumption of the cutter, improving the operation rate of coal mining machinery, and increasing the comprehensive economic benefits of coal mining production. meaning.

The Principle Of Laser Cladding

As a new technology with high economic benefits, laser cladding technology uses a high-energy laser as a heat source, and the laser and alloy powder simultaneously act on the metal surface to rapidly melt to form a dense coating, which can significantly improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the surface of the parts. resistance, heat resistance, and oxidation resistance, reduce equipment operating costs, and extend equipment maintenance cycles.

Pick Laser Cladding

After using the laser cladding technology, it can perfectly solve the problems of shearer cutter head breakage, cutter head and cutter body wear, etc., and the cutter body hardness can reach about HRC60. Compared with ordinary picks, there is no spark when the laser cladding picks are in contact with the coal seam, and the wear resistance and impact resistance are greatly improved, which can increase the service life of the picks to more than two times. It not only effectively reduces the replacement times of the pick, reduces the work intensity of the personnel, improves the coal cutting efficiency of the shearer, but also saves the cost of after-sales service and creates more economic benefits. Therefore, laser cladding technology should be vigorously promoted and adopted in the coal mining industry.