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The influence of beam parameters and workpiece characteristics on quality

The influence of beam parameters and workpiece characteristics on quality

The quality of laser cutting processing is recognized, both in accuracy and cutting surface are much better than many other cutting methods. Therefore, customers have begun to turn to this cutting method with high speed and good effect. However, many people find that some manufacturers have particularly good cutting quality for the same products processed by laser cutting, and some are particularly poor.

This is actually related to the operation of the workers, because there are many factors that affect the quality of laser cutting to you, and you must pay attention to each item. This time we understand the influence of beam parameters and workpiece characteristics on quality in laser cutting, so as to reduce encounters during processing. Quality issues.

1. The influence of beam parameters on cutting quality

The (l) mode is directly related to the focusing ability of the beam, which is equivalent to the sharpness of a mechanical cutting tool. The lowest order mode or fundamental mode is represented by TEMn. The beam energy distribution of the cross-section is similar to the Gaussian curve distribution. The beam with this mode can be focused to the smallest spot size and energy density with a finite depth of field.

The influence of beam parameters and workpiece characteristics on quality

(2) Output power

If other variables (such as power distribution, spot size, etc.) remain unchanged, increasing the power can increase the cutting speed or cut thicker new surface materials.

(3) Stable cutting quality is guaranteed by applying consistent beam energy and quality. Therefore, the stability of laser output is a key factor in cutting. It includes maintaining non-passive output energy (power stability), consistent beam quality (mode stability) and optical path collimation stability. It also includes the polarization of the laser beam, the focusing of the laser beam, and the pulsed beam.

2. The influence of the characteristics of the workpiece on the cutting quality The characteristics of the workpiece are the most critical factor that affects the quality of the cutting and even determines whether or not it can be cut. The characteristics of the workpiece refer to the reflectivity of the material surface and the surface state of the material.

3. The influence of other factors on cutting quality

(1) The influence of cutting torque and nozzle

(2) The influence of the external optical system

(3) Workpiece fixed