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Tube material Gekikou cutting machine technology

Tube material Gekikou cutting machine technology

In China, the rapid increase in the production and consumption of the tube, the rapid spread in China, the number of cutting tubes, the talented demand for the number of cutting tubes A number of cutting pipes. This is the current state of the art.

Gekikou tube cutting technique A type of technology with high production efficiency and strong production capacity. At the same time, the design plan can be modified and modified, and the production process of individual products can be improved, and the short-term or medium-term production version of the book, which can be used for the end, can be used as a large-scale template. Demand demand, the reason why it is a demanding template. Active angle theory, Gekikou tube cutting technique can be processed, and the shape of the process, Gekikou can be in office. Template-like shape Can be non-borrowed assistant What tool-like rapid change, this profitable processing tool Yes, competitive individualization packaging or trademark can be achieved. Associate-quality Yasui Numerical system of superiority Noichi. Gekikou Machining Can Yayoi Printing Late Japanese Printing Progress Medium error. For example, the material-capable society La Shinwa transformation, the gekikou can root installation, this trivial transformation adjustment, and the metaphorical template cannot be produced. Gekikou tube cutting product processing 1 item Very quasi-high horizontal technology, of course, the first half of the year, constant demand input, bottom surface cutting and cutting and cutting related problems provided.

Overcoming intense laser cutting tube material processing technology

Calculator Desktop cutting and piercing pipe material cutting and piercing stakes, shaving and piercing, and shaving and piercing High efficiency of cutting and cutting, cutting and cutting, improper use of fruits, waste of pipe materials, and low efficiency of cutting and cutting. Actual number of industrial exhaust pipes, large-scale, high-efficiency, high-quality cutting, production-based basic premise.

Immediately, there is a small amount of problematic process, medium beam cutting, cutting, burning part, burning part, corner drop, corner cutting tube surface, Japanese transformation or loss related cutting, cutting, cutting Low tube production efficiency. Number of cut-up techniques, cut-up technology, cut-up technology, cut-up technology, cut-up technology, cut-up technology, cut-up technology, cut-up technology, cut-up technology, cut-up technology, cut-up technology, cut-up technology, high-efficiency cut-up technology, high-efficiency cut-up technology, high-efficiency cut-up technology, high-efficiency cut-up technology. Numerical CNC cutting and cutting pipe material technology, one type of large critical production, high efficiency, high quality pipe cutting and cutting production method.

During the process of cutting and cutting the pipe material, when the pipe material is cut and cut (probably the diameter of the pipe is small), on the inner wall of the pipe material attached to the residue, the amount of heat generated by the cutting is mostly absorbed. When the cutting density is high, the pipe material society is overheated, the square part is squared, and the cutting density is extremely illegal. This kind of problem, can take the following measures:

1. Suspended oxidic pressure method.

2. Utilization case Proposal High point angle Synthetic speed.


The above-mentioned solution plan, the above-mentioned solution plan, the required solution, the high-intensity light tube cutting, the equipment utilization efficiency, the high-level pipe cutting efficiency, the quality difference, the weight difference, the heavy-duty pipe material waste, the high-grade enterprise production efficiency, the Japanese processing product, parallel. The profits of the enterprises are improved.