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Welding pipe, welding pipe, processing workable?

Welding pipe, welding pipe, processing workable?

Steel pipe proportional production method General division non-welding pipe Japanese pipe welding pipe. This is the main welding pipe for cutting and laser cutting.

Welding pipes, one type of welding pipes, and one type of welding pipes (plates, steel pipes). A pipe-like process. Competitive ratio of pipes, welded pipes, comparatively high product accuracy, special wall thickness accuracy, main equipment, small occupying ground, production operation cooperation, production production, production production, single product production, etc.

Three types of production pipes: spiral buried arc pipe; straight double-sided buried arc pipe; electric blocking pipe.

1. Spiral pipe-like production craftsmanship

Spiral pipe-like raw material flux, flame flux.

Before molding of steel pipe, flattening, retouching, cleanliness, and import.

Welding request for welding control device, welding control diameter, incompatible welding.

After the third stage of welding and die casting china of the chemistry and welding system, the qualities of the pipes and pipes. Talent input production.

Welding pipe, welding pipe, processing workable

2, LSAW pipe

Established a general reason plate for buried arcs. Submerged arc welding, double-sided arc welding for welding, post-welding swelling.

Main equipment Welding floor, welding machine, molding desk, delrin machining, tube desk, etc. At the same time, various methods of LSAW tubular formation, such as uo (UOE), Rb (RBE), JCO (JCOE), etc. Neck tip general buried arc Welding o type Welding plate Welding u type imitation. After welding, the diameter (extension) is usually the end of the finger or the full length UOE tube. This is a pipe. Submerged arc welding inside and outside. After welding, tube diameter swelling RBE swelling tube or non-swelling RB swelling tube. Sheet steel plate j-type-c-type-o-type injection molding, post-welding tube diameter extension JCOE tube or non-welding JCO tube.

UOE Electric Pipe Molding Craft

UOE LSAW Three types of pipes Main molding crafts Comprehensive: Steel plate, u-shaped molding Japanese o-shaped molding. Completed the following three types of special molding pressure force, which is used in the construction of the sword.

JCOE LSAW Pipe molding craft

Molding: Jc0 molding After multiple pressing on the desk, the upper half of the shogunate plate is pressed “J” type, the re-general one-half pressing “J” type, the formation C type, and the “0” type tube that is proportional to the middle.

JCO sum UOE molding method comparison

JCO molding is one type of pressure molding, other type of pipe molding, UU-like two-step molding, and multi-step molding. During the process of molding, the steel plate was deformed, the residual stress was small, and the surface was not produced. After processing, the diameter of the pipe is Japanese, and the wall is thick. Large-scale, small-criticized products; large-diameter, high-strength thick-walled pipes, small-diameter, large-walled pipes. Specially-produced thick-walled pipes, specially-made thick-walled pipes, small-diameter thick-walled pipes, and other crafts. A variety of demands for users and other proficiency. Low investment and low production efficiency. Annual production is generally 100,000 tons to 250,000 tons.

UOE molding u, O double pressure molding. Special features of high yield and high yield of other ingredients. Appropriately suitable critical production.

3, Wuxi Gaojia

Molding machine for high-frequency pipes. Utilization High-frequency electric current effect application harmony approach effect application opposition tube