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Welding port processing craftsmanship

Welding port processing craftsmanship

During the pressure vessel welding, the welding ability is sufficiently fused, and the thickness of the base metal owned is 3 mm.

Established directly in the form of a large and small Japanese style. This is the condition for the number of successful

Mouth Sousuke

Welding point Welding position processing Institutional tooling Constant shape Welding mouth. Major welding work, welding and welding.

Welding port processing method

Scissors: For scissors, desk scissors, common-use type tank.

Plane: Planer or planer processing, regular board processing.

Car cutting: Lathe or lathe pipe processing, suitable lathe processing.

Cutting: Otobuki flame hand laser cutting or automatic cutting desk cutting processing i-type, v-type, x-type Japanese k-type tank.

Welding : Main purpose in Qing dynasty, high efficiency, difference in working conditions.

Shavings or polishing: Manual or pneumatic, power tool or grinding, heavy use. Welding mass Opposite welding work  or technical condition requirement.

Welding port request

Angular cheilitis: Before the finger welding contact, the welding part advance processing, and the amount of welding contact quality. Oxy-fuel welding or cutting method. Generally slopes, sometimes curved surfaces. Non-stainless steel plate Gekikou Kiritsuri Kakuguchi Kakusei Important welding factor, shadow welding formation, welding rare welding ratio sum fusion zone shape, stainless steel welding arc determinism.

Welding angle

1. Under homologous current and compression conditions, the concave tank angle is exceeded, the penetration depth is large; the pit angle is small, and the penetration depth is small.

2. Welder contact, meeting formation electric arc parallel start melting.

3. The position of the inside of the arc tank is not the same as the angle of the tank. Under the premise of invariant welding, the difference in melting depth is small, but the difference in melting depth is large. Osmosis depth and discrimination.

4. Large tank angle, uneven depth and shallowness. depth of osmosis is oversized. Tank angle depth, penetration depth depth, penetration depth small. Yasushi theory, surface-filled metal Koshita. Anti-Yuki, Nyoka back-immersed open tank, Welding mass.

5. Kazushige Shimogiri, Kiyori Shimogiri, Greater Increased Processing Volume, Increased Production Production Book. Cause, when the angle of the submerged arc welding is fixed, the method of operating the submerged arc welding, and the angle of the submerged arc welding.

Large wall plate facing contacting wall installation actual demand system creation x tank, or person’s inner tank large to outer tank-like small processing format. Twin u-type tanks are available.

Submerged arc welding, etc. for inner tank welding, submerged arc welding, outer welding.

Welding for welding, welding at the root of demand. Welding of two types, welding, welding, welding, welding, welding, and welding.