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Welding technology for steel pipes.

Welding technology for steel pipes.

Wuxi Gaojia Exhibition, laster Cutting Tube Material Processing Technology Acquired for the last 10 years in the world. A large-scale development that has already been acquired.

Welding technology quality is approved, but in a fierce market where there is a conflict, the demand for delrin machining quality is increasing. Due to the current technical basis, the material quality of the steel pipe is high. Steel pipe material production production This is the hot point of the immediate fire pipe business research. Demanding work in daily use, regular equipment, and equipment. Work request Under the premise of personal safety, the current problem in the process of progressing science, systematic elimination.

1, high-grade welding pipe work

Rapid rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, and rolling Rolling edge. Can theory, intelligence molding to a certain extent, the first step in the economy. Welding and heat treatment, electrical and electrical technology, medium-sized pipe technology, existing economics, solid-state type, large-scale increase, fuel-burning capacity, on the original basis, automatic control, numerical economics, and automatic control.

Researcher’s ability to use high-quality die casting china work, existing problematic research, submission, practical solution, solution, opposite existing problem, progress, reform, and development. Welding potential. Ashes point welding performance Welding performance Very close base material.

Successful and consistent management model, general high-frequency control quality control extension, total raw material design, Japanese production process, high-quality product performance, horizontal quality. Submarine conduit Japanese shaving material for technology. Related parts such as oil well pipes for oil wells.

Welding technology for steel pipes.

2, Titanium alloy and pipe welding

Titanium alloy and pipe-like welding work  Main in-two kinds of material difference and its metallurgical theory compatibility. Neck tip, titanium alloy Japanese pipe-like welding craft association very troubled. Simultaneous extinction comparison Large internal stress is troublesome. Main shadow cause element Welding cooling process Medium deformation Degree of inconsistency, Titanium alloy and pipe line swelling process Existence and difference.

Cause 2 Low compatibility with titanium, formative during the normal delrin machining. A kind of hard and brittle intermetallic compound, usually the principle of material formation of the iron body, the main element of the material formation process, the supersaturation of the iron, the supersaturation of the iron, and the supersaturation of the iron body. The cause is this, the formation of carbon in the carbon pipe, and the carbon afterwards. At the same time, a small amount of ferrochrome, metal compounds such as ferrochrome, and brittleness of the steel pipe formed in the ferrochrome pipe.

3 、 Corrosion pipe welding

During the process of importing petroleum, natural gas, etc., corrosive substances in the area, soil, moisture, pH, etc. A low-ranking 范围. In addition to this, the vandalism of the soil-layered machine that caused the displacement, the vandalism of the vandalism, the vandalism of the vandalism, the vandalism of the vandalism, and the huge loss of the vandalism. This is the cause of this, the welding force of the sword, and the welding force of the sword.

In addition, it is a common method for direct welding, welding, scarring, and welding.