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What are the advantages of laser tube cutting machine compared to traditional processing methods?

What are the advantages of laser tube cutting machine compared to traditional processing methods?

The development of China’s manufacturing industry has achieved excellent results. In the field of laser cutting pipe processing, the output and consumption level of metal pipes have been greatly improved. The market prospect is broad and the potential market share is huge.

In this case, the emergence of laser tube cutting machines is also loved by most customers, and the gradual promotion of the field of metal fiber laser cutting machines is at a faster speed and the development of sheet metal processing and computer digital control technology, the development of laser tube cutting machines The advantages are outstanding, and it has gradually become the mainstream equipment for sheet metal processing.

Laser processing is a non-contact processing method. Through laser drilling, grooving and contour cutting on the surface of the metal pipe, the accuracy of the equipment is greatly improved. Compared with traditional processing methods, the advantages of laser tube cutting are as follows:

1. High precision: The traditional pipe cutting method is manual, so each part is different. The laser processing adopts the same fixture system, and the processing design is completed directly through the programming software, which can complete high-precision processing at one time. In modern manufacturing, the accuracy of laser cutting has become one of the important criteria for measuring laser cutting, and laser cutting is now a more accurate cutting method.

2. Fast speed: The laser can cut several meters of pipes in one minute, while the efficiency of traditional manual cutting methods is as high as hundreds of times, which means that laser processing has an efficiency that cannot be matched by traditional processing methods.

3. Flexibility: The laser can flexibly process various shapes, enabling designers to carry out complex designs, which is unimaginable under traditional processing methods.

4. Batch processing: The standard tube length is 6 meters. The traditional processing method needs to be applied to the heavier fixture device, and laser processing can easily complete the clamping and positioning of several meters long pipes, so the feasibility of batch processing is higher. .

Considering that many users in the actual processing process, in addition to the standard round tube cutting, there are many special-shaped tube cutting, and many users always worry about whether the laser tube cutter can cut the special-shaped tube, it is completely unnecessary to worry, because the design at the beginning In consideration of different sizes and specifications of metal pipes, the laser tube delrin machining adopts electric clamps. The cardholder can automatically clamp square, round and special-shaped tubes of different specifications and models, and the cutting range is wider.

The laser tube cutter can quickly occupy the sheet metal processing market because of its excellent performance. The use of laser pipe cutting machines for pipe processing and production is the choice of more and more manufacturers. I hope that the above content can help you further understand the laser pipe cutting machine.