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What are the product characteristics of stainless steel tube laser cutting machine

What are the product characteristics of stainless steel tube laser cutting machine

Laser cutting pipe processing is a special machine tool that uses laser technology to cut various graphics on pipe fittings and profiles. It is a high-tech product integrating CNC technology, laser cutting and machinery. With the characteristics of professionalism, high speed, high precision and high cost performance, it is the equipment of non-contact metal pipe processing industry.

Compared with the traditional cutting process, the pipe section cut by the laser pipe cutting machine is smoother, and the cut pipe section can be directly used for welding, reducing the processing process. Compared with traditional pipe fittings that require cutting, punching, bending and other processes, traditional pipe fittings processing technology consumes a lot of molds. Not only can the cutting process be reduced, but also the cutting quality can be improved.

Stainless steel pipe is a common metal pipe in daily life. The traditional processing methods include grinding machine cutting and high-speed hacksaw blade cutting, but this relatively inefficient processing method is only suitable for small batch production, and the consistency of the processed product is difficult to control. The stainless steel tube laser cutting machine can automate production and double the cutting efficiency. The application of stainless steel tube brass machining to cut pipes has the following advantages:

cnc turning china: The stainless steel pipe laser cutting machine can be designed to cut various complicated graphics or texts at will, triggering more new pipe design inspirations, helping you quickly complete the development of new products, and reduce R&D costs.

Good accessibility: The stainless steel tube laser cutting machine has good accessibility and is convenient for feeding. The production efficiency can be doubled.

Automatic clamping: All kinds of pipes can be switched freely without changing the clamp.

Automatic feeding function (optional): save labor and improve production efficiency.

Protect the feeding rack (optional): Automatically collect long-size workpieces, protect the appearance of the workpieces, save labor, and improve feeding efficiency.

Simple operation: The machine interface needs to be operated with remote control, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Process saving: the stainless steel tube laser medical machining allows you to save labor and complex multi-process processing (saw, drill, grooving, grinding), while saving intermediate logistics links and storage costs. Compared with traditional cutting processing, single workpiece processing cost is lower.