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What benefits does laser cutting pipe processing bring to pipe processing enterprises?

What benefits does laser cutting pipe processing bring to pipe processing enterprises?

In order to maintain the competitiveness of my country’s pipe processing technology, laser processing has become indispensable. As a professional manufacturer of laser cutting pipe processing equipment, Co-Creation Laser always follows the needs of users in the research and development of laser pipe cutting machines. The laser tube cutting machine can help tube cutting users to achieve quantitative production needs in many fields, improve the user’s production process, and improve the user’s production efficiency, so that our users always maintain a competitive advantage in the same industry, and are loved by customers.

When customers buy a laser pipe cutting machine, they often think it is very expensive, and they want to give up when they hear the price of laser equipment. In fact, for the long-term development of the enterprise, the benefits brought by the laser pipe cutting machine are far greater than the price of the equipment itself. So what benefits can it bring to pipe processing companies?

1. Improve processing efficiency

The laser tube cutting machine adopts laser technology, which can realize high-speed automatic feeding and processing of various shapes such as rectangular tubes, round tubes, oval tubes, and D-shaped tubes, saving time and effort. In addition, the all-in-one machine can also handle angle cutting, shape cutting, drilling, etc. At the same time, pipe feeding and processing are carried out at the same time, so the processing efficiency is higher.

What benefits does laser cutting pipe processing bring to pipe processing enterprises

2. Improve cutting quality

The precision of the laser pipe cutting machine can be intelligently controlled by the program to achieve a cutting effect that cannot be achieved by traditional cutting technology. Its cutting accuracy is ±0.1, the cutting nozzle is very good, there is no burr, no chips, no deformation, no secondary processing, saving the trouble of secondary processing after traditional pipe cutter cutting.

Compared with traditional pipe processing methods, Hongrui laser pipe cutting machine has the following advantages:

1. High cutting accuracy, high dimensional accuracy, smooth cutting, no burrs, and low material loss;

2. The heat-affected zone of laser cutting is very small, with almost no thermal deformation and oxidation. It can produce high-quality and consistent parts, which is especially beneficial for subsequent automatic welding;

3. High cutting efficiency, mass production can be realized. All operations of laser cutting  china can be unified into the same unit as a continuous operation process, which greatly reduces logistics time. The standard pipe length is 6 meters, and the traditional processing method requires very heavy clamping, and laser processing can easily complete the clamping and positioning of several meters of pipe, which makes batch processing possible.

4. The laser cutting machine is controlled by a digital system, which is also one of the advantages of the laser cutting machine in tube cutting. First, it guarantees accuracy and flexibility. Laser tube cutting technology can process any programmed shape, and can cut in any direction. The shape of the template can be changed quickly without the help of any tools. As long as the design plan can be modified at the moment without affecting the entire production process; the greater advantage is that the end user can control the production of short or medium versions without having to make a large number of templates, which can respond to customer needs faster and achieve personalization custom made.